How da GBFM(TM) characterizes churchian male leadership

This is from a long time ago, and the parties in question may be good pals by now for all I know; but back in the day, de GreatBooksForMen had some choice words with which to characterize a certain blinders-on notion of what it means to be a woman-leading man:

In da GBFM’s characterization of a “general comment” by such a person:

 “everyone here should man up like me and women will follow naturally.  although i am not married and do not date, today i was at the grocery store, buying my own groceries as i often do because that is the manly way to buy fgroceries, and when it came time to pay, the cashier ( a female) said “the total is $53.74.”  as i pay my own bills, like a man, i took out my wallet and lead the cashier by handing her $55.  she responded to my Godly leadership and gave me $2.26 in change.  when she said “paper or plastic” i provided Godly leadership and said “paper” in my Godly, dulcet tones, thusly ministering unto her, fulfilling Christ’s testament “ask and ye shall receive.”   If everyone here could  only man up like me and lead women as i do, all your marriages would last and the families would be saved–all the aborted babies would come back to life, and all the anti-male laws would immediately disappear from our courts. trust in God, go to confession, pay your bills on time, and women will naturally follow as shown above.  Stop your complaining, lead women as I do, and all will be well.”

Serious LOLZOZLZLOZOLZ reading that chestnut again!


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