Campground: PA on the prep for physical defense

Blogger and National Merit Commenter PA writes about the atrocity story currently making the rounds, about a German couple in the woods assaulted by a lone Ghanian “migrant” with a machete.  The woman was raped– or, depending upon what ambiguity some find in the source materials, perhaps only “assaulted”– but her boyfriend did nothing, despite the potential for weaponizing tent poles and other apparati he presumably must have had on hand and possessed some familiarity with.

PA suggests a number of improved scenarios, including one reminiscent of the vastly underrated scene from The Godfather, Part III in which Andy Garcia’s Vincent finesses a little home invasion problem by thinking outside the box.  I’ve always been stunned by that scene and Vincent’s refusal to “negotiate” with people over whom he holds the upper hand.  And of course, his pose of indifference was only feigned, but helped to confuse and terrify his adversaries (as well as leave teary-eyed Bridget Fonda ready for penetrating consolation in the aftermath).

[NB: Like the video transfer offered on amazon’s online rental, this one seems to me to wash out the film’s gorgeous Caravaggio hues into a sort of digitized flesh-colored bandaid of an eyesore.  Not the film I remember, even from watching vhs!]

PA continues:

Even the most red-pilled of us is capable of getting angry, and the above news item made me livid. Anger is a sign of life.

Every human group upholds the three ideals listed below for the purpose of turning the wimpish boy into into a man. Those ideals are realized through social institutions, which in the West are being intentionally corrupted by liberalism:

Mentorship — When you visit a martial arts school or a little league baseball practice and you see non-Whites under instruction of White coaches there, you are witnessing a fatal compromise on a Männerbund structure for mentoring boys in the image of their elders. Diversity disrupts harmony. Blacks have their all-back inner-city boxing gyms. Whites have to price-out the diversity with sports like lacrosse and hockey.

Culture — As T.S. Eliot put it, “Culture may even be described simply as that which makes life worth living.” A living spirit whose great books for boys transmit masculine role models and foster a purposeful sense of identity. Culture is home. That’s why they wreck Boy Scouts and blue collar fraternities such as firefighting and construction work by pushing women and diversity on them.

Destiny — A sense of having a past and a future. The kids who fought in the Warsaw Uprising knew that they had a home and a destiny of their own, which they fought to secure for themselves and for me with their young lives.

These are words to digest, though I admit that just off the top of my head they exacerbate my irritation with the choice of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, a man who lead the homoization of the Boy Scouts.  “Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good” and all that, but– in spite of the happy news of Planned Parenthood getting a legislative smackdown today, with the hope of a little New Federalism to allow the states to defund them– I don’t think the new wariness towards the administration is going back in the box anytime soon.

The reference to Foucault’s Pendulum in the OP– infamously Vox Day’s favorite novel, and one I read myself in the summer after graduating college– bears some thinking about too; but perhaps it’s time to reread it.  There are things in the novel which seem to cast some light upon some of Eco’s more egregious notions, and frankly I for one took away from it at the time a message of anti-religious skepticism.  But we shall see.


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