The World May Burn, but if it doesn’t: a Laboum Comeback Is On Its Way!

Few things reaffirm this blog’s faith in history than a Laboum comeback.  From the dreadful hour we missed the fact of the “Sugar Sugar” comeback until a few days into it, we’ve paid special care to keep our ears open for the next coming of K-pop’s greatest shouldn’t-be-nugu group.  There was the bliss of “Aalow Aalow” and then the rapture of “Journey to Atlantis”; the thrill of “Shooting Love” and the lustre of “Winter Story”.  And now, we are on the cusp of another megacolorful comeback as Laboum tease us with “Hwi Hwi”:

Sigh.  But dear Lord, has President Trump decided his warmaking powers exceed in entertainment value his prerogative to promote policies at home to protect and preserve his own people?  It might be one thing to cooperate with the Chinese in talking down North Korea from following a potentially destructive path of bellicose posturing and expensive weapons research.  But, besides all the bad reasons given for attacking Syria, there is also the fact that a few dozen cruise missiles do not make much of a tactical impact.  I’ve seen credulous Alt-Right blog commenters saying idiotic things like, “I bet one Tomahawk could take out Kim Jung-un and his whole entourage.”  Oh dear Lord, no!  What are you people thinking!  Straight-shooting carrot-and-stick diplomacy might be a fine thing, and I will generously assume that the President hasn’t pivoted to North Korea simply out of boredom or because someone “instructed” him too.  But the NK leadership cannot be so dumb as to think the Syria attack means they should lay down their weapons: after all, Clitnon and Dubya wreaked plenty of havoc upon foreign nations, and Obama at least dropped plenty of ordinance from his drone fleet.  Toppling the government in North Korea would be a terrible task in the best of circumstances, and the attempt is fraught with cataclysmic perils– never mind the fallout to all the angels of K-pop and their musical ministry to this decaying, suffering world.

So please, Pres. Trump, don’t get carried away here.  Is it really so awful if NK tests one silly little nuke?  Or cannot the South Korean armed forces deter North Korea on their own?  Might not the US military presence in South Korea itself be part of the problem?

I haven’t abandoned all faith in the President– some favorable winds are blowing our way on immigration enforcement, though really it is high time to cut the Ryan crap in Congress and get on with passing the Cotton-Perdue immigration bill– but I’m frankly scandalized by how many Alt-Righters, including some of those at least dubious of the merits in attacking Syria, seem positively rosy about the prospects for having a showdown with the much more formidably armed and situated North Korean regime.  And while I cannot claim to admire Kim Jung-un (as if!) there are still grave reasons to worry about provoking the man without great cause.

I would welcome modest reforms in North Korea– but why should not some nation of talented people continue on in peaceful isolation from a world that seems so hellbent on bending reality itself out of shape?  And is perhaps even the North Korean example in some way a factor in South Korea’s moral ecosystem too?


Anyway:  God bless Laboum, and all Korea, and all the Ice Peoples everywhere.  May Trump, Assad, Putin, and the Beijing regime come to a favorable understanding, and may the vigorous Korean and Japanese peoples be free of their satrapy-dom imposed by the presence of the US military.  These great nations can take care of themselves and, I believe, are willing to.

These are “heavy” times indeed.  But I pray these clouds of carnage will blow past us all, and we can get on with the task of making our respective Nations Great Again.  And lovely Laboum, with their splendid esprit de corps and always scintillating pop sounds, are a prominent part of what makes Korea so great.  Hwaiting!


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