“Jared Kushner is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

Mickey Kaus, genius and saint, is running hard with the “President Kushner” meme so we don’t have to.

But maybe we should anyway?

I don’t think Kaus has lost all hope.  But he’s playing a strong rhetorical hand that’s grounded in what appears to be a troublingly high level of interference in major policy by a young man of little real distinction apart from the fact that he married very well.

You might suggest that it’s all hearsay, and the President’s enemies have cause to make him look ridiculous.

Maybe.  But just from what we’ve seen of Kushner– most notoriously when he was visiting the troops in Iraq– he really does look ridiculous.

kushner iraq nydailynews

And why on earth is the President sending his son-in-law to review the troops?  Even if he has been elevated to a “Senior White House Adviser”?

It’s unwise to give even an appearance of partiality to Ivanka and Jared when these two have no claims upon political power and influence apart from their personal relationship with the President.  Whether Ivanka’s feelings about dead babies were used as a calculated pretext or not, frankly I thought the President sounded ridiculous invoking them.

And it seems increasingly clear that Jared and Ivanka are quite liberal in their notions.  I don’t care how optimistic you are about the Administration, let’s get real:  Trump has hardly found a stalwart crew of nationalist sympathizers.  Perhaps some people out of Goldman-Sachs are capable of doing what’s right for the greater good of the real American people.  But apart from Jeff Sessions and the Steves, how many of these names do you truly trust?  Wilbur Ross maybe, in spite of some of his background?  Well, even if he’s one of the good guys, he’s 79– we can’t lean on him for two terms.  Frankly, I’d be  more comfortable if Sarah Palin and Scott Brown were filling a couple of chairs in the Cabinet room right now.  Or (gasp) if we were hearing a bit more from Ben Carson, who at least very seriously believes in God and the Bible.

Anyway, Kaus and Coulter are an important source of perspective now, more than ever perhaps, because of their pro-Trump and anti-immivasion stances, as well as their long careers observing the political scene.  I hope my flagging optimism is an anomaly, and we will soon see the Administration getting thick into the fray.  But the President has got to get to hammering away on his key issue.  It is immigration immigration immigration that elected him: and even The Wall is not the single most vital aspect of that.  We must have new law that shrinks immigration altogether.  We must criminalize the illegal aliens, cut their supply of goodies, and put the world on notice that the American continent is full and its dream is reserved for its own posterity.



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