Peninsula of the Cherry Blossoms

A return for more glorious WJSN “I Wish” (we can’t ever get enough helpings or rehelpings thereof!):

I was rewatching this one last night, before discovering the joys of Uzzu Tape, which hopefully we’ll get to here later (I watched half of Ep 13 “last night” and just finished it now).

Meanwhile, Vox Day has unleashed his 4D theory of the Syria attack, that China is moving to attack North Korea and that the Syrian feint (if such it be) was to demonstrate preparedness to the regime in Pyonyang.

It’s an interesting theory, but I’ll say again:  do we truly know that North Korea is that crazy?  Perhaps the assassination of the half-brother abroad was a reckless gambit, but such things (dynastic bloodbaths and assasinations abroad both) have often been done in history.  Is it, as some suggest, that North Korea is developing a nuclear-armed sub capability?

If China feels the need to keep their client state on a leash, I can’t blame them; but the idea of China and the United States becoming allies to attack North Korea seems a little far-fetched.  And anyhow, how on earth can anyone be sanguine about the prospect of a Second Korean War?

I’ll add at this juncture that I’m seeing claims that Syrian government aircraft have resumed operations from the bombed airfield, which perhaps lends credence to the notion the Tomahawks weren’t even armed.  Yet here again, all sorts of questions loom.  Perhaps deployed warships can keep things like “oh, we were ordered to defuse our cruise missiles before launch” on the hush-hush.  But maybe it’s time people at home start asking themselves whether it isn’t possible for “civilians” engaged in government conspiracies to keep their mouths hushed too.  If the crews realize they were ordered to fire million-dollar missiles shooting blanks for show, that would make an interesting story for their grandkids someday.  Or the reporters.  But they’re sworn to secrecy, no?  Like the parents of Sandy Hook . . . .

In any event, even Vox Day’s news roundup points to a concerted effort by NeoCons within the administration to push Pres. Trump into a 150,000 troop invasion of Syria.  This may sound contradictory at first blush, but along with my anger that Assad was attacked at all, there is this to consider:  57 cruise missiles don’t accomplish a lot.  Pres. Bill Clinton’s last volley of cruise missiles at Iraq fired just over a hundred, and later but before George W. Bush’s war the Iraqis claimed disdain for the paucity of Clinton’s effort.  My point is this:  why should North Korea be afraid of Tomahawk missiles?  They are very deeply dug in, and attacking North Korea would be, needless to say, a sacrifice of a cosmically greater order than launching a missile strike.  So why should this attack on Syria deter the North Korean regime, if that was the strategic consideration behind Trump’s order?


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