Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book” Comeback on M! Countdown

The B-side “Perfect Day” stage with the girls in vaguely, uhm, sportif leather shorts:


And of course with the main attraction (and in their cute sailor-y girl outfits):


Ah, indefatigueable Hyojung and Goddess Jiho!  I was about to apotheosize all this as a blast from a better world untouched by the present fear and uncertainty in America, but then–there’s saber-rattling against North Korea too.

I mean, do you really believe they use 81mm mortar rounds to execute people in North Korea?  Sure, maybe the regime does some bad things, but I suspect here too that our would-be (((masters))) just want to destroy any nation they can’t own with debt.

President Trump:  your campaign, your election, was like a godsend to me.  But we did not elect you to have you waste your energies on threatening people the Jews don’t like!  By all means, make the Chinese trade fairly– but let’s not go around trying to spook people with rising navies to whom we owe a lot of money.  And if you don’t want the North Koreans to build nukes, maybe bombing Syria isn’t sending them the right idea– namely, that they have to build nukes to keep themselves from getting bombed by the United States.

If God and Pres. Putin decide that America has to get nuked, I can accept the justice of that.  But keep the goddamned Jews and their pigheaded violent perversion away from the Asians.  They’ve done nothing to deserve this!


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