I Stand With Assad

Of this much we can be certain:  President Assad did not “gas his own people.”

Whatever one’s ignorance of the Syrian conflict, even the least well-informed must understand that, at the present juncture, Pres. Assad’s government has all but won it.  With Pres. Putin’s assistance, and with a new, supposedly anti-interventionist President in Washington, Pres. Assad would be throwing away victory for ignominious defeat by launching a needless and unprovoked attack upon supposed civilians with supposed chemical agents.

The supposed attack reeks to high heaven of a false flag.  ISIS terrorists, without scruples for international law or the lives of civilians, would be altogether nihilistic enough to use chemical weapons.  More sinister still is the reality of the involvement of Israeli and “Western” covert forces in the creation, assistance, and possible outright direction of ISIS’s activities.  Israel wants Syria as another failed state.  If, God forbid, the United States intervenes, it is certain to result in the destruction of civilized Syria, as well as a third bloody defeat for America.

President Trump’s missile strike on Syria gives the appearance of a decisive betrayal of his platform and his base.  For years, long before his Presidential aspirations were announced, he had harangued Obama and the Washington establishment in prophetic terms of the folly of their aggressive NeoCon stance against Syria.  Everything he said in those tweets from 2013 was completely clear and accurate.  Now, it would seem the President has been swayed to forfeit that wisdom in favor of a precipitate plunge into bloody folly.

But is this true?  Or is this cruise missile strike an act of political theatre, a connivance with the Russians (and, through them, the Syrians) to attack an essentially empty airbase.  “Essentially”: early reports were that there were no casualties, but this has been updated to seven dead.  And yet, if this indeed is theatre, we should expect that a death toll would be added in, lest the whole thing appear too suspicious.

If Pres. Trump has made merely an empty feint toward war, and toward challenging Putin, while in fact refusing to be dragged into the conflict and harboring the intention of détente with Russia, then this may indeed all go down as a brilliant move to outflank those who conspire to delegitimize his Presidency with their lunatic “Russia stole the election” false narrative.

However, we must be realistic:  we do not know what the President is thinking.  And to attack Syria at all gives the impression of a vile fall from grace, and for what–Ivanka showed him pictures of dead babies?

Whatever else may be true, of this be sure:  President Assad is not the bad guy here.  Syria needs to remain under his leadership.  I cannot even imagine how, if Assad were peacefully persuaded to leave, Syria would not fall apart without him.  Is he a “dictator”?  If so, he seems a a rather benign sort: one who has never harmed the United States, one who protects ethnic and religious minorities in his country, one who bears the brunt of the war against ISIS, a terrorist front which supposedly the entire world loathes and fears.

So if President Assad is forced out, or if the United States escalates its aggression in Syria, then we must accept that President Trump has failed to prove himself the man we elected him to be.  I pray that Trump is indeed playing his foes, and that he and Putin will soon reveal their concord and allow the Syrian conflict to expire with Pres. Assad still in charge.  We did not elect Trump to “promote democracy” or to save foreign babies (whether harmed or feigned), but to defend the United States by forbidding refugees and Muslims, driving out illegal aliens, building a wall on the border, and vastly curtailing legal immigration.  To hell with what is “good for the Jews”.  President Assad is good for Europe, good for America, good for Christendom, good for the White race.  God bless President Bashar al-Assad.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Assad is a hero.

    Assad has resisted for six years the twin evils of Western Liberalism and Salafist Jihadism and the Syrian people stand with him. Assad has defended Christians in the region too. He reminds me of Abraham Lincoln—an inexperienced politician the Elites thought they could overthrow easily; but who held the country together instead. I think that Assad will be remembered as the Arab Lincoln.

    1. I was thinking about this further throughout the day, and I realized that, when you consider the tormenting years of civil war he’s endured, Assad must surely count as the most courageous and tested leader alive today.

      He has spent these many years now besieged in his own capital, in a country whose lines of communication are riven. His own people have doubtless, many times, been approached with bribes and inducements to kill him. His principal foe, ISIS, is implacable in their cruelty, and they moreover enjoy the real support of sinister agencies inside Israel and the United States.

      Ambassador Stevens, supposedly a personal friend to Hillary Clinton, was lost on a covert mission to funnel arms to ISIS. He was, in life and in death, anally raped. Yet this horrifying loss was papered over with smooth lies, for apparently it was only, to Obama and Hillary, breaking some eggs in the service of their genocidal omelette of destroying Syria.

      The world’s most powerful nations make plays for Assad’s life. He, and his wife and children, must live with the threat of the most horrific deaths. His allies must connive with their hands tied behind their backs in order to assist him to survive. This poor and weak, yet once functional, nation of Syria has been reduced to a bloodstained heap by the sick greed and racist hatred of supremacist Jews who treat other human lives as insects.

      So for those who, otherwise favorable to Trump, ask why this strike excites such fear and revulsion among the Alt-Right, it is because it hazards this man Assad who is the true hope for peace in Syria and, beyond it, for Europe and the world. Assad and Putin have striven bravely, masterfully, to end this awful conflict and thwart the evil designs of the globalist warmongers who set it in motion. In turn, in order to save Europe from Islam, Pres. Putin must be accepted as the statesman and champion of peace he truly is. And Pres. Trump must turn America’s foreign policy towards Russia, and towards the de-Islamification of the West, and thus against the racist Jews, here and in Israel, who conspire to swamp us with hostile throngs of terrorists and anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-democratic so-called “refugees” while stealing the lands and resources of those people in their proper homelands.

      Any “solution” which involves throwing Assad out means the CERTAIN destruction of Syria. Who the devil do they imagine will run it then? A New England townhall meeting? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are absolute disasters, for America and also, for what its worth, for the peoples born in those nations who should be staying there.

      And as to personal character: what person in their right mind would leave their children alone for an hour with Tim Kaine or Lindsay Graham rather than Assad? This softspoken man, medically trained, tested by incomparable challenges, is a hero and quite possibly, all things considered, a saint. It is MONSTROUS to demonize him, or to accept at face value the demonization imposed upon him, by a ruthlessly hostile and fake “Western media”.

      So I do thank you for that comment. We must pray for Assad, pray that his government survives and thrives, and that Pres. Trump repents of this folly (whether it was brilliantly feigned or tragically for-real) and kicks out of government the fools and traitors who would destroy Syria– and dump the collateral damage on us.

  2. Thank you for that long reply and very well said. I remember reading an interview with Assad during some of the darkest times of the war and said that he no intention of leaving Syria and that the Terrorists would have to remove him by force. He once thought of sending his family out of the country, but his wife overruled him and said she’d fight for Syria by his side. Mrs. Assad has done a lot of humanitarian work and once arranged a mass-wedding ceremony for engaged soldiers after Lattakia was liberated. The Assads are truly great people.

    1. I think I remember a bit of that interview. Our friend Brother Nathanael has made a number of Assad posts over the years, along of course with all his Putin-themed posts, and the fundamental good-naturedness as well as gravity of both men comes across very strongly.

      The further I ponder this missile strike business, the more dispiriting the affair becomes. While militarily the strike was, in and of itself, of little importance, it’s not really something one can “walk back” in the way, say, Trump would with his platform during the campaign: tease that he was going to compromise on something, then come back stronger with renewed vigor for his central platform. That was wonderful to behold: but now, it looks as if he’s succumbed to jingoism. Even if he were abiding by a “friends close, enemies closer” strategy, there is simply no reason to employ so many NeoCons, let alone to heed their advice. Some say he wants to bribe Assad to leave, which perhaps is more humane than demanding his head: but has Trump asked himself what would happen in Assad’s absence? Has he considered that Assad, too, is a man who fights for his own nation and people, who has (thus far) had to make much more bitter sacrifices in that fight? And what moral right does leviathan USA have to impose upon other nations the choice of their leadership? This would be “nation-building” by another name– or perhaps just the same name.

      I say this of course for the benefit of our casual readers, not you yourself, but: there simply is no moral option but to uphold Assad’s right to his station. Syria has been raped by an astroturfed terror-war. There cannot be justice or peace for the West until we confront the true source of this menace and extirpate it. Pres. Assad is our ally in this: he is the third point that makes the necessary Putin-Trump-Assad triangle complete. Not that Syria is or will be any sort of major power; but the Syrian War is the issue upon the resolution of which our triumph or defeat over racist world Zionism today depends. The cabalist Jews want the pipeline to dominate Europe’s economy; they want Russia defeated in Syria to dethrone Putin: and from there, they roll on with storming Europe’s shores with rapefugees, imposing “Pride Parades” on Moscow (as already they did in Kiev). etc.

      I’ve been trying to thrash out my thoughts on Trump’s reversal in various forums, but the longer I look at the situation the more daunting it becomes. There’s almost an isolationism in some, as if to say (if only by implication) that White Europe and the Christians of Europe and the Middle East can be left to rot, as long as Trump still builds the Wall. Good Lord, if he caves on Syria (where he once said he insisted upon staying out) what is effectively left of any hope for a working Wall? And with the enemies of Christendom and Europe imposing sexual perversion, miscegenation, and the destruction of the Churches all across Europe and Russia, genociding Christians in the Middle East– and the United States potentially smiling over all this as if it were nothing– then America would only be a Whore of Darkness empowering a Satanic triumph over the world. Trump must not be an engine of darkness! If he abets the destruction of Assad then he has, in spite of his good qualities, become an instrument of evil–and an apocalyptic apotheosis of evil becomes imminent.

      1. Eric · · Reply

        I don’t always agree with Brother Nathaniel, but it looks like he was spot on about Rex ‘I-support-homo-scoutmasters’ Tillerson. I never trusted that bastard; he was intriguing with Obama in the South China Sea too. I read SANA News in English; and all of Assad’s interviews get published there. He once tore apart some asshole from MSNBC—it was awesome!

        My suspicion is that Tillerson and CENTCOM Commander Votel (another Obama stooge) were behind feeding Trump fake info.

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