Daily Archives: 2017-04-07

In Other News, I Guess A Pink Did A Soundtrack for Some Anime Program

Well, it was just released today I guess!   It’s not “Love Like a Fairytale” but naturally we welcome all additions to the A Pink canon! Advertisements

Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book” Comeback on M! Countdown

The B-side “Perfect Day” stage with the girls in vaguely, uhm, sportif leather shorts:   And of course with the main attraction (and in their cute sailor-y girl outfits):   Ah, indefatigueable Hyojung and Goddess Jiho!  I was about to apotheosize all this as a blast from a better world untouched by the present fear […]

I Stand With Assad

Of this much we can be certain:  President Assad did not “gas his own people.” Whatever one’s ignorance of the Syrian conflict, even the least well-informed must understand that, at the present juncture, Pres. Assad’s government has all but won it.  With Pres. Putin’s assistance, and with a new, supposedly anti-interventionist President in Washington, Pres. […]