Total Darkness: President Trump must not attack Syria

Of this supposed gas attack in Syria, we may be sure of this:  President Assad did not launch it.

Whether it even exists is of course up for question.  If gas was used, then either by ISIS under their own initiative, or at the behest of the Mossad or CIA, or else the Mossad or CIA went in and did it themselves.

But regardless, President Trump must not be taken in by this diabolical ruse.  If the United States should at last intervene in Syria– where this destructive internecine conflict, started by the CIA-Mossad axis of evil, is at last showing signs of wrapping up, thanks to the courage of Pres. Assad, whose life often was in peril, and the statesmanship and intervention of Pres. Putin–then all of our glorious hopes for the Trump Administration would be otherthrown.

American intervention in Syria means the deaths of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of further innocents.  It means the weaponization of millions more so-called “refugees” to invade Europe.  It means the empowerment of the Islamo-Hitlerian Erdogan of Turkey,  It means of course aggrandizement for the racist leadership of Israel.  Most horrifyingly, it may mean nuclear war or–perhaps just as sorrowful– the end of earthly hope if Pres. Putin somehow should be replaced and Pres. Trump should lose sight of his agenda.

The earthly salvation of the Western World depends utterly upon Pres. Trump and Pres. Putin making alliance against their common foe, the Globo-Homo Judeo-Masonic project.  The racist anti-White campaign of genocidal Islamicization and immivasion must be utterly stopped:  the borders must be closed, the “immigrants” must be utterly repatriated from Europe (no matter how many generations they’ve been there) and likely from America, and the dogma of “human rights” must be publicly and legally repudiated.  Jewish warmongering– for this supposedly incendiary expression is simply a literal statement of observable fact– must be destroyed.  Jewish public figures are insane for destroying nations in the service of “what’s good for the Jews”– most heinously for their racist globalist dogma that they are a chosen master race destined to rule the world and destroy all nations, which (so goes the purest expression of their dogma) are fake appromixations of the only true “nation”, the racially superior Jewish people.  The David Frums and Brookses, the Anne Applebaums and Louise Mensches, must be publicly shamed and silenced.  The Jewish element in government must be extirpated.  They, and their traitorous WASP fellow travelers, must be rid from our leadership.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are two larger-than-life men, sincerely devoted to the good of their nations and capable of uniting, man to man, in a joyous friendship that will illuminate freedom for all the Ice Peoples and save us from Semitic conspiracy and “Global South” invasion.  It is just and natural that these two great men should see eye to eye and work fervently together to abolish the unjust and conspiratorial globalist New World Order.  And Pres. Putin surely knows this with complete clarity.  But does Pres. Trump?  Trump, for all his evident brilliance, for the sheer excitement and hopefulness of his being where he is today, shows signs just at the moment of waffling, of succumbing to lies from his “experts” which, if followed, will with utterly tragic consequences destroy his Presidency and our devout hopes to save the world from an ungodly calamity of diabolical proportions.

It is of the most vital importance that Pres. Trump see the light on this ruse, that he turn against the traitorous elements that would push us into war and instead help Pres. Putin and the maligned Pres. Assad achieve victory in the war to save Syria from the ISIS insurgency and the evil global forces directing it.  The sick Jewish warmongers who would resort to any ploy to achieve their goal of sacrificing thousands of American soldiers for the sake of their selfish, specious ends must be ruined:  I want these pieces of shit spat upon by President Trump, I want them fired, I want their lying asses out on the street and if feasible in jail or in exile:  at the worst, quite a few of them may be legally within range of being put before a firing squad.  Do it, Mr. President!

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