Happy Birthday Jiho!

Christian Bodhisattva and Goddess, Oh My Girl’s Jiho, turns twenty!

Jiho in sweater

I always think of Jiho as “Goddess Jiho” to the point where I think it must be considered an official name for her.  Is there quite another K-pop idol quite as completely goddessy as Jiho?  K-pop is an elite institution, our present day’s Renaissance, rife with competing geniuses of beauty and glamour, but Jiho must rank skyhigh even among such exalted company.  Tall, angular, radiant, with million-watt shiny hair and an impish yet inscrutable smile to match, Goddess Jiho is a towering icon of female beauty.


And today sees woman-girl Jiho turn twenty.  To put this in astonishing perspective, this means that Goddess Jiho today is still younger than beloved JinE was when they made “Cupid”.  The entire public career of Oh My Girl has enjoyed Jiho, until today, as a teenager, while JinE’s entire career with Oh My Girl has been as a post-teenager!

But JinE is still beautiful, which means Jiho has a long time to go as an exuberant radiant goddess.  Why, even JinE still has a long time to go!

And as it happens, Oh My Gi7l has just released their latest music video, “Coloring Book”:

It’s just barely a year since the “Liar Liar” MV came out, and that masterpiece remains– and forever will remain!– as fantastically fresh as any creative work of the Pop era.  And goddessy Jiho, whether winking for the camera or flashing her camera underwater, was as iconic then on the cusp of 19 as she remains today just past the cusp of 20.  Glorious Jiho, thank you for sharing your divine visage with undeserving humanity– and you are an incredibly talented dancer and a worthy vocalist to boot!  Goddess Jiho, happy birthday, and may God bless you and your group, now and always!  Health and happiness to Goddess Jiho!  Jiho hwaiting!

[link to koreaboo feature with Jiho’s set of selfies, including the first above, along with Yooa to boot]:


ICONIC fancam of Jiho from “Liar Liar” kicking off with her pre-performance mugging, twirling, and heart-thumping for the camera!!





    plus everything else about this is PERFECT too!!!

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