Lovelyz’s “Wow” Comeback Stages

It’s not too late to pay homage to the “Wow” comeback, even if this is a month overdue.  It was depressing of course to miss Yein until late in the run, but all the same they delivered a host of colorful and endearing performances.

Starting with M! Countdown, where Jiae gets the orange leather skirt:


On Music Bank, their comeback stage was filmed (intentionally, I assume) with an overexposure that goes a bit too far in hyping the artificial hues:

Everybody’s face looks lobster-pink and washed out.  But I like the live audio, the fans are very enthusiastic, and the fashions are again on point:  with Mijoo in a mustard leather skirt!

Show! Music Core gives them a lovely stylized skyline set (is that the Sears Tower?) and Sujeong wears a ribbed sweater!:

Actually all of these plaids are perfect “schoolgirl” outfits– like a fantasy throwback to my favorite chicks in high school (though of course the lovelyz are infinitely superior in all ways).  Kei gets cool overlong sleeves and an interesting grid-pattern skirt, and every one wears shiny shoes with a modest wedge heel.

The theme for Inkigayo’s set (though of course it draws upon the album art’s themes) is just too cartoonish for my taste, but in all other respects this broadcast is excellent, with all the kinetic camera crane work, astute editing, and beautiful lighting that make Inkigayo the flagship music broadcast in K-pop.  And the audio is terrific too: this clip grants us an exhilarating sense of intimacy with the group, highlighting all the qualities of their aesthetic that made Mijoo quip on Pops in Seoul that their nickname is “Livelyz” lolz!  The orange saturation from the lcd backdrops gives a festive golden ambience to the proceedings.  And it must be said that–while all the major music shows (including the midweek Show Champion) have their particular habitual charms– the intimacy of Inkigayo’s stage, which remains rather small, is in my view an extraordinary plus.  It lends Inkigayo performances a fishbowl intimacy and up-closeness I just don’t get from the other shows.  It enhances that idolatrous sense that we know these people, that their triumphs are our triumphs– as if indeed this whole Korean music biz were some kind of giant high school music festival.

Anyway, I really enjoyed that!  Plus the dripping paint cans aren’t “bad” or something– it’s just not what production designer Lucius would’ve come up with.

[Ed.:  What would, pray tell, production designer Lucius have come up with?]

Well, a migraine and dereliction of duty, if put to the task.  Unless Dean Tavoularis wants to do my homework for me.

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