Daily Archives: 2017-04-03

Lovelyz’s “Wow” Comeback Stages

It’s not too late to pay homage to the “Wow” comeback, even if this is a month overdue.  It was depressing of course to miss Yein until late in the run, but all the same they delivered a host of colorful and endearing performances. Starting with M! Countdown, where Jiae gets the orange leather skirt: […]

Harem of the gookbots: miss A wins Inkigayo with “Hush”

I know that must sound incredibly “racist” but for some reason this weekend this wheat cracker has felt incredibly sexy saying the word “gookbot”. [Ed.:  I think I know the reason why.] It’s Heartiste with that damned sexbot apocalypse! That and, obviously, miss A look pretty “out of this world” in this performance. But obviously, Suzy, Fei, […]