Mark Jaws on “Hebrew Heaven”

It’s a light-hearted turn from Mark Jaws, and describes what in other contexts we might call Honkey Heaven.

This comes, btw, from a View From the Right in which legendary commenter-turned-blogger PA is prominently featured.  I had been searching to see what Larry might’ve said over the years about Fred Reed (a “moral nihilist” for what it’s worth), and there’s some interesting things in there with PA weighing in on M. Moldbug and Larry responding.  However, since Jaws gets the final word on this one, and since it makes a particular race-conscious point I’d be happy to sneak out to young readers, I’ll quote it here:

I experienced a situation comparable to that of the “reader.” Where I grew up in Manhattan, in the Vladek Housing Projects between the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges, Puerto Ricans and blacks were the dominant groups. However, I fought when I had to and since I could play baseball very well, I fit in. I learned Spanish in school, dated Puerto Rican chicitas, and with the exception of about six or seven racial incidents, I got along fairly well. Given my olive complexion from my Jewish mother, with my summertime deep brown tan, I could even pass for a Puerto Rican. My college, City College of New York, even became minority-majority in my sophomore year of 1973.

Then I had heard about being able to meet girls at these Jewish summer camps in the Catskills, so I signed up. What a revelation it was for me to be in a 95 percent white environment, where disagreements were settled with words—not knives, and where guys wooed girls with wit and charm, instead of biceps and crotch. For six weeks I was in Hebrew Heaven with people who looked liked me, acted like me, and even thought like me.

Then, however, during the last three weeks of that summer, the camp participated in “School Camping,” a federal program which took kids out of Bedford Stuyvesant and placed them in a rural environment where they could enjoy nature and benefit from the morning remedial math and reading classes. Our nearly all-white staff was heavily supplemented with black and Puerto Rican college kids who taught the morning classes.

To make a long story short, only eight of the original 24 Jewish white kids stayed on for the three weeks of the program. Two nests of birds which had flourished peaceully earlier in the summer, were destroyed by the blacks. Furthermore, I was called “white mf-er” more in three weeks than I had in 19 years on the Lower East Side. A deranged black girl even came at me with a knife.

After coming home, my parents were amazed at how my liberal racial attitudes had changed—for the better, from their perspective. My Polish Catholic father, who had voted for Wallace in 1968, was pleased that I had finally “seen them for what they really are.” My point is, once you have been to all-white Paris, you can never go back to the heavily minority, violence-plagued farm.

–Whatever race of Ice People you might be, we all deserve our all-blank Paris:  an all-Korean Seoul, an all-Hungarian Budapest.  And yes, we in America need all-White cities, even if we don’t finally deport away or secede from the NAMs.  Perhaps Vancouver and Singapore can be Ice-“multicultural” for the odd sorts who need that sort of thing, but the glorious Higher Peoples need and deserve great expanses of purity, where we can exult in the presence of our own kind, twenty-four seven.



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