Larry Auster: Pavlov-cons, “Get a life”.

I was looking for something I came across arbitrarily the other day in the archives of VFR, from the early months of the Obama presidency in which Auster was contemplating Obama’s missteps at that juncture.  This I read in the light of another VFR piece, from later in the Obama years, which I had stumbled across perhaps a couple of weeks earlier, in which enough time had passed that Larry was cataloging a sort of calendar of Obama’s ups and downs, through the 2007-08 contest and his presidency, up to that particular juncture.

The particular lesson Auster took at that later point was that the pushthrough of Obamacare could hardly have been foretold from the stumbles of the first year in office, and particularly after Scott Brown’s election and the other bad electoral omens the Democrats received on the eve of its passage.  But Obama determined to burn through his political capital on that gambit, and it “worked”– and he was reelected (or so the vote counters said) and to date we’re still stuck with Obamacare.  He, or the powers he answers to, succeeded in pushing through his monstrously “transformative” agenda.

But all of this I wanted to rehease now because we are still in the very early days of our Trump Administration, with a very energetic, self-confident, and determined leader, and the Blackpilling this weekend has been pretty depressing to behold.  We cannot expect miracles overnight.  Trump has to dispose of or at least sideline Paul Ryan, and letting Ryan trip over his own knickers is a good way to start.  We are cracking down on “sanctuary cities”.  The Wall is to proceed apace.  I for one am hammering the White House and Congress on passing the Cotton-Perdue Immigration Bill.  We have a Supreme Court battle– and while I don’t like or trust the Churchianity chapel Gorsuch attends, there will surely be more Supreme Court battles soon.

And President Trump still has to contend with the mirror-projections of the conspirators who tried to steal the election and now vilify supposed “””Russian interference”””.  This treason must be exposed, and hopefully will be exposed.  In the meantime, the President has many plates to spin all at once.  Let us keep faith with this man who already has fought so many hard battles to preserve his nation, and keep fighting.

Here then is Larry on the too-quick misjudgments of early Presidential slipups:

They already feel that Obama’s finished, and they are whooping it up. This is so immature. Do they really think that Obama has no more moves, that he lacks the ability to recover from some slips like this? Do they not remember Clinton’s fiascos in his early months, and how he recovered? Do they not remember their own slavering eagerness in September 1998 after they heard that Clinton had blown up in the grand jury and that the tape of it when shown on TV would destroy him? But he didn’t blow up, it was a rumor, or even a fiendishly clever plant by the Clintonites; and when the tape was played and the expected self-destruction of Clinton failed to materialize, at that moment the wind of opinion shifted decisively in Clinton’s favor and it was clear he would survive. But the conservatives never learn; and so they start drooling at each report of Obama’s troubles. They should be called Pavlov-cons. Even Powerline—the Grey Lady of the conservative blogosphere—is eagerly posting each poll showing each drop of a couple of points in Obama’s popularity, as if to say, this is it, it’s over, Obama is dead meat. Please. He’s two weeks into his presidency. To use an expression I strongly dislike and have never used before: Get a life.


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