Daily Archives: 2017-04-02

A.DE’s Rachel may be one of those robots we’ve been hearing about

It would explain her extraordinary size and perfect proportions and of course her dancing skills: Okay, it’s not true though.  But we still love you Rachel “the Robot”!  Hwaiting! And now this is absolutely the last post I’m posting today.  Have a Good Time! Advertisements

Plus, I had a dream about Oh My Girl’s Mimi this morning!

But I’m exhausted with writing today, so I’ll try and fill in that story tomorrow. (I love you, Mimi!)

Larry Auster: Pavlov-cons, “Get a life”.

I was looking for something I came across arbitrarily the other day in the archives of VFR, from the early months of the Obama presidency in which Auster was contemplating Obama’s missteps at that juncture.  This I read in the light of another VFR piece, from later in the Obama years, which I had stumbled […]

Meanwhile, A Pink’s “Bye Bye” on Japanese TV

Wow, and Shinsadong Tiger helped produce it?  So was “Bye Bye” written for the Pink Revolution sessions after all? They’ve had three No. 2 singles on the Oricon charts but as yet no No. 1, so here’s hoping. [Update: it’s currently No. 7, arrow pointing down, but I couldn’t figure how to navigate to the […]

And now, Lovelyz on Inkigayo today!

Look out for Jisoo at 1:02, lol face!  

Girls in Uniform: GFriend on Inkigayo Today

Tang! Tang! Tang! GFriend done opened another can of whoop-booty.  Shake it, SinB!

Melodic Minimalism: Like tears in a light rain, LOOΠΔ 1/3’s “Love and Live”

You might at first glance say to yourself:  what is this retro, washed-out Casio sound trying for? Ah, but there is genius to this.  What I’ve said before about Sweetune’s production on a.de’s “Good Time” perhaps applies in spades here.  They’re milking a deep vein of luminous, haunting melancholy here, and the very “foreignness” of […]

Bassthrob of the Girlbots: gugudan’s “A Girl Like Me”

Rookie group gugudan appears to be rising up in popularity with their second single “A Girl Like Me”.  Normally this sort of more-bass-than-beat pop isn’t my cup of tea, but I’ve grown to enjoy the spastic, brassy attitude of this song, all cooing come-hither squeals atop the shuddering staccato flurry of the arrangement.  The music […]

Mark Jaws on “Hebrew Heaven”

It’s a light-hearted turn from Mark Jaws, and describes what in other contexts we might call Honkey Heaven. This comes, btw, from a View From the Right in which legendary commenter-turned-blogger PA is prominently featured.  I had been searching to see what Larry might’ve said over the years about Fred Reed (a “moral nihilist” for […]