I had a miss A dream this morning

–and in it Min and Suzy were on some talk show complaining that miss A never made any good songs.

I was pretty crestfallen– it seemed extraordinary they would diss their own catalog like that.  They were even rifling through various names of songs (Laboum’s “Journey to Atlantis” was mentioned) that were better than any songs they’d ever released, and I was pained to think that– well, okay you’re right about that since “Journey to Atlantis” is one of the very best songs ever recorded, but– you gals made some classic tunes in the day and have every right to be proud.

IRL Suzy did compliment “Journey to Atlantis” publicly back when it came out; and of course part of the subtext of this dream no doubt is the fact that after their busy 2012 when I first knew and loved them, miss A has released all of two singles, and since shed member Jia.  So at this point miss A is like a thing from the past, a part of that wonderful world of K-pop that opened to me in 2012 but then wasn’t really along for the rest of the years of flight.

I guess it was just Suzy and Min since they were on hand in that Song Challenge/1000 Song/whatever it’s called clip with Soyeon singing S.E.S.’s “I’m Your Girl” with that chick from Baby VOX at her side.  So that’s a real-life template of Suzy and Min doing a tv appearance that’s in the back of my mind.

But I felt like revisiting some “Hush”, so here’s a sexy Inkigayo performance in the patent leather outfits made iconic by the album art.  This was E-tribe’s last hurrah as active producers (after they’d already practically been in hibernation for a year) so that’s another sense in which this is a blast from the past.

And curiously– this song is considered (by miss A’s perch as a Big Three label act) something of a “flop”.  JYP himself has commented on this, saying he didn’t expect big things from “Only You” when it was released in 2015, but it became a much bigger hit.  Well, I guess that was yet another piece of subtext in my dream:  while I’ve always considered “Hush” slightly “cold”, something of a triumph of style over substance, if you will, I still admire and enjoy the song, and have to consider it as a part of the pantheon.  In its formal excellence, it is in some ways just the K-pop song I would use to coax a debased “normie” listener into taking K-pop seriously– if I ever condescended to waste my time on such people, which I won’t.

–And yet: I was seriously tempted just now to drop this performance into the Heartiste sexbot revolution comments thread, for multifarious reasons.  Partly as eyebleach against the profanations displayed there, partly as a humorous fantasy about “sexbots” (you can imagine miss A here easily enough in the sci-fi manner); and as a sort of appeal to the sexy charm of the flesh and blood human thing.  But better not to do that.  That thread is incredibly depressing, in a blackpilled way.  I guess the Alt Right is having an anxious weekend.  Go Trump!  Hail Victory!



  1. I have dreams about girls like these every morning…

    1. lozlzolz well, did you catch my 04-01 newsflash from the Vatican Enquirer?

      I’d like to wake up to THAT dream also!

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