Daily Archives: 2017-04-01

I had a miss A dream this morning

–and in it Min and Suzy were on some talk show complaining that miss A never made any good songs. I was pretty crestfallen– it seemed extraordinary they would diss their own catalog like that.  They were even rifling through various names of songs (Laboum’s “Journey to Atlantis” was mentioned) that were better than any […]

Pope Francis Reveals He’s not the Pope, as Pope St. Benedict the Umpteenth burns gay Satanist cardinals in St. Peter’s Square

Rome.– In a shocking string of revelations, erstwhile “Pope” Cardinal Francis the Mule revealed the retirement of Pope St. Benedict was merely a ruse as part of a grand, godly counter-conspiracy to uproot the Lavender Ill*m*n*tt* Mafia inside the Vatican. “It was a closerun thing, I have to admit,” stated Cardinal Francis.  “I mean, you […]