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Sejeong’s hair in buns

The adorable gugudan Main Vocal, pink cheeks and smiles and all:   Advertisements

Oh My Girl’s “Coloring” Book on Music Bank, 2017-04-14

Fairytale chic for Goddess Jiho and the girls:   Now I know Seunghee got very few lines in this because “doesn’t suit her voice/let the other members shine” but the camera seems to capture her few lines (with one early exception) only in longshot. But, this comeback really is Binnie and Jiho’s gain: and while […]

Ramzpaul on the generation-long war in Afghanistan

Ramzpaul of late has (with the exception of his awkward European Zionism video, which argued there should be one nation for White people only, which is weird because there should actually be a bunch of nations– Hungary, Poland, France, Britain, Sweden, places like that–each for their distinct subgroups of White people, but he didn’t seem […]

Bill Nye is a pervert

I’m not surprised to see that creepy old cryptkeeperish-looking “kid-friendly” ghoul Bill Nye is doing some godawful pervy propaganda crap about ‘the flavors of sexuality’, as Steve Sailer notes today at The Unz Review. It’d be stupid-amusing enough to note in passing, even without the fact that his I!!umin@ti handlers have (all too predictably) decided […]

A month and two days ago with this Lovelyz “Wow” Stage on Show! Music Core

Sigh.  The world is so crazy nowadays, I feel as though I’ve slept on “Wow” even if I haven’t. And in truth, for a still-new Lovelyz single, it’s criminal there have been days I’ve missed listening to it.  Remember how I spend a hundred days in a row watching both versions of Dal Shabet’s “Have, […]


–asks commenter Okura Jaya Putra beneath this Arirang Simply K-pop stage for Lovelyz’s R U Ready? album track 3, “Cameo”.   There do seem to be, as another commenter points out, some mic issues: it isn’t poor Jin who’s the only one whose voice goes in and out. Still, it’s an odd effect when Jin loses the […]

“A fool worketh mischief as it were for sport”

:but wisdom is prudence to a man.  Prov. 10:23

Cassette Tapes in K-pop Videos

A mini-trend of very late is the feature of audio cassette tapes as retro ornaments in K-pop.  In Loona Vivi’s solo “Everyday I Love You” they’re part of the 90s scenery–though the very fact this delicately whimsical group uses this delicately retro sound and environment itself is symptomatic of a backward-looking on the part of […]

“Northern people co-evolved with dogs. A companion for roaming, an alert guard, shared peace when all is well”

Commenter Elli leaves this stirring tribute to the White people’s love affair with the dog at isteve (on an entry about, if you can believe it, the dog-leasing racket– yes, it’s a thing): I’ve got four children and a “rescue” mutt, not that I personally rescued her. I didn’t know that a dog would fulfill […]

Today in Search Terms: “muslim explodes”

I don’t know what content they found for that, but I hope they enjoy it. For the record, I’m fine with letting all the Muslims in the Middle East do their own exploding without any help from us– as long as they move out of Christendom. Now within Christendom, if need be, we need to […]

Cheng Xiao (성소) and the Gang: 우주소녀 (WJSN) on Show Champion

With portholes onto space with “Secret”:   and (sans Mei Qi) with “I Wish”:

AOA’s “Excuse Me”: The Mannequin Challenge

The sake-she dolls of AOA become true dolls for this engaging exercise!

“Oriental Valley Girl With Pitch Correction”: Perfume’s “Spring of Life”

Thus blurbs Greg Eliot for Perfume’s “Spring of Life”, minus his opening “Ugh!” lolzlolz Well, I admit I like it though:

Petit Macaron: Laboum’s “Hwi Hwi” Inkigayo Comeback Stage

Laboum’s supercharged, candy-dandy Comeback Stage is a techno-color feast for eyes and ears:   plus the giant soapbubbles practically smack Soyeon in the face– but that’s not stopping her! youtube champion commenter May Be writes: This stage is The Essence of LABOUM – the colorful, joyful, cheering and beautiful girls singing the colorful, joyful, cheering […]

A Fancam of Hyomin Singing “Road Trip” in leather pants

This is my personal fave song from Hyomin’s terrific second solo album, and to further accentuate the gracefully jazzy proceedings Hyomin dances away in snug leather(ette) trousers:   OMG Take Two!   Oh yes Take Three!!

The looming end of T-ara

I just found out that Soyeon and Boram declined to renew their contracts.  And for what it’s worth, the other members have only renewed until December, so I’m hard-pressed to think they’ll be recording new material past the mini-album due next month, the last recording of 6-ara. And since the past two mini-albums have essentially been “placeholders” (even […]

Stefan Molyneux: “Dear French Women”

Pushing (and praying) hard for Strike Three against the GloboHomo project: electing Marine Le Pen President of the French Republic:   NB:  Not that there is anything wrong with being a “racist”.  The true French are a vastly superior stock.  Kick out all the non-French!

Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book”: Now with fan commentary

I haven’t been totally sleeping on “Coloring Book”, but beneath this fun Inkigayo stage fans expound on their pros and cons about this latest comeback: NinjaKitkatt writes: I didn’t like the song at first, but after watching enough of the live perfs and the dance videos it becomes really addictive. I just think at first […]

Laboum Soars on the Charts!

Early word has it they’ve moved almost 20,000 physical units of the new mini-album in the first four days! Fans are galvanized to give them their first trophy for The Show.  Meanwhile, here’s their M! Countdown Comeback stage: Laboum hwaiting!

All Senses Are Overload: the “Navillera” X “Hwi Hwi” mashup

You can watch it with the sound off if you like, just to enjoy Laboum and GFriend comin’ acha all at once!  But the sonic confab was pretty amusing too:   Though I’m assuming Yuji’s voice received some manipulation to get that dogwhistle effect going on:  I’ve never heard that in any performance of “Navillera” […]

Red Velvet’s Irene “looks super HOT in nerdy glasses + leather jacket”

That’s the headline at koreaboo, where we read: Red Velvet‘s Irene has a natural talent for making any outfit look adorable, even when it has an edgy kick! On their way to Taiwan for their concert, the Red Velvet members were all spotted sporting very stylish airport fashion, especially Irene’s! Wearing an all black outfit that […]

ARWAYS!: Happy 6th Anniversary A Pink!

The April 19th special single:   The world’s greatest group turns six today.  From “Mollayo” and “Wishlist” to “Hush” and “Boy”, “My My” and “Prince” to “Secret Garden” and “Lovely Day”, “Sunday Monday” and “Crystal” to “Petal” and “Deja Vu” and “Fairy” and “Bye Bye”– how can we count the blessings they have bestowed upon […]

Eunji Wins Show Champion!

–and in time for the A Pink anniversary and latest “April 19th” single, “Always”! This is something fans had talked a lot about making want to happen, and I’m very happy it did.  Congratulations Eunji!  A Pink hwaiting!

President Trump Strikes Back Against H1-B

  Stirring remarks from the President in Wisconsin for the signing of a new executive order “Buy American, Hire American” to reform the H1-B program and, the President promises, end the displacement of American workers in an unfair playing field. Pres. Trump also mentions renewing the space program (“we need it psychologically”) and an infrastructure […]

There’s a music video for Loona 1/3’s “Love & Live”

–with Digipedi shooting in New Zealand and Hong Kong?  Hey idiot, did you just think this was something they were doing a special stage for on Inkigayo? Good grief.  I really wonder where my mind is sometimes.  [Ed.:  Nuclear Armageddon?  The death of Assad?  War in Korea?] Eh.  Well, maybe.  But that’s no excuse!

Wedding Cake: Laboum’s “Winter Story” on Show! Music Core 2016-12-10

I knew there were several great stages for “Winter Story” but the one that stands out in my memory is the Inkigayo Comeback with its dazzling lighting and final tableau.  I knew there was one from Simply K-pop that stood out too but, briefly consulting the arirang k-pop channel I suddenly realized there are like […]

Laboum’s “Hwi Hwi” MV Review

K-pop’s most underrated girl group returns  with the delightful “Hwi Hwi”! As the “Honorary Producers” ‘page’ indicates, Laboum still isn’t out of the commercial underwoods yet.  A year ago, the same crowdsourcing helped launch “Fresh Adventure”/”Journey to Atlantis”, a masterpiece single that won them some well-deserved plaudits (from Nation’s First Love Suzy included), and which […]

Hyoyeon’in Around: “Mystery” on Inkigayo

SM Ent’s been pumping out so many single and outright novelty tracks from their stable of artists that I never even got around to checking out this Hyoyeon debut: even though I did have a vague idea it was out there somewhere:   It’s not as exciting for me as f(X) Luna’s “Free Somebody”, which […]

Happy Birthday Namjoo!

A Pink’s glorious Kim Namjoo turns twenty-two! Namjoo–my special love– and still so very young! Sigh.  We’ve been through so many great times together– but I still long for more.  What is a day without wallowing in A Pink?  Fortunately, I’ve just kicked off this calendar date by watching their Pink Summer concert in full! […]

How da GBFM(TM) characterizes churchian male leadership

This is from a long time ago, and the parties in question may be good pals by now for all I know; but back in the day, de GreatBooksForMen had some choice words with which to characterize a certain blinders-on notion of what it means to be a woman-leading man: In da GBFM’s characterization of […]

Good Friday

Dream not of their fight As of a duel, or the local wounds Of head or heel. Not therefore joins the Son Manhood to Godhead, with more strength to foil Thy enemy, nor so is overcome Satan, whose fall from Heav’n, a deadlier bruise, Disabled not to give thee thy death’s wound, Which he, who […]

Campground: PA on the prep for physical defense

Blogger and National Merit Commenter PA writes about the atrocity story currently making the rounds, about a German couple in the woods assaulted by a lone Ghanian “migrant” with a machete.  The woman was raped– or, depending upon what ambiguity some find in the source materials, perhaps only “assaulted”– but her boyfriend did nothing, despite the potential for […]

“We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier.”

–says President Trump.  I’m impressed that he sees that there are more impressive options than the aircraft carrier. Well, but it’s odd:  with the “powerful submarines” is he speaking of their cruise missile-launching capabilities?  Or is he making a threat of nuclear attack? Modified Ohio-class subs can carry up to 154 Tomahawk missiles, giving them […]

Oh My Gi7l’s “Coloring Book”, courtesy of M2

The individual fancams may be out, but M! Coutdown is still cranking out alternative ways to experience new singles like Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book”:   Okay, maybe the idea of a “fancam” of the whole group is a bit odd.  But can we object to Oh My Girl mugging for the camera in their […]

“Jared Kushner is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

Mickey Kaus, genius and saint, is running hard with the “President Kushner” meme so we don’t have to. But maybe we should anyway? I don’t think Kaus has lost all hope.  But he’s playing a strong rhetorical hand that’s grounded in what appears to be a troublingly high level of interference in major policy by […]

The World May Burn, but if it doesn’t: a Laboum Comeback Is On Its Way!

Few things reaffirm this blog’s faith in history than a Laboum comeback.  From the dreadful hour we missed the fact of the “Sugar Sugar” comeback until a few days into it, we’ve paid special care to keep our ears open for the next coming of K-pop’s greatest shouldn’t-be-nugu group.  There was the bliss of “Aalow […]

The Third Coming of the Second Coming of “Gee”: the Japanese remake of A Pink’s “It Girl”

SNSD’s “Gee” is such a seminal classic, not only for that seminal band but for all of K-pop and thus Art itself as we know it in the 21st Century, that it sounds maniacally partisan to suggest that A Pink’s second single–no flop but certainly with nothing of the commercial impact of SNSD’s defining megahit– […]

If Anything Could Make Red Velvet’s “Rookie” Enjoyable, Joy’s Plastic Overalls Would Be It

Enigmatic Waifu Joy does look fetching in these transparent purple vinyl overalls: But good grief does this song still suck! Trying to find something sonically palatable in this song is like trying to find effervescent refreshment in a glass of warm piss. And I’m thinking about specific moments in the song where I think to […]

A Dolls Like These: gugudan on Music Bank, 2017-04-07

gugudan’s frilliest and femininest “A Girl Like Me” ever?

Peninsula of the Cherry Blossoms

A return for more glorious WJSN “I Wish” (we can’t ever get enough helpings or rehelpings thereof!): I was rewatching this one last night, before discovering the joys of Uzzu Tape, which hopefully we’ll get to here later (I watched half of Ep 13 “last night” and just finished it now). Meanwhile, Vox Day has […]