Happy Birthday “Pink Blossom” Album!

Celebrating the three-year anniversary of what is likely the most aesthetically perfect collection of pop songs in recorded music history.

From the lambent “Sunday Monday” (No. 1 most played track in my iTunes library) to megahit “Mr Chu” to the e.one-produced heaven-storming “Crystal” and the shattering “Love Story” and wistful “So Long”– plus the still-mysterious choice to close the collection with the “remix” version of “Mr Chu” yet billed as simply “Mr Chu”, as opposed to the famous single which officially is “Mr Chu (on stage)”, Pink Blossom encapsulates a peak girl group at an aesthetic and personal summit.

Along with the previous summer’s Secret Garden album, Pink Blossom captures the timeless essence of girlhood on the margin of marriageability:  the impossibly sweet perfection of youth, vitality, and cleverness and creativity wet to guileless innocence.  Though they have recorded masterworks since, this record remains a kind of paradigmatic experience for the Pink Panda and for any serious music lover who wishes to experience popular music that captures a Mozartean essence in our own time.




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