WJSN’s “I Wish”: In which I notice a lovely thing in the choreo for the 1st time

Sigh.  I really need some remedial training in dance criticism, so I learn to stop and smell the choreo roses:


Those finger gestures behind Exy during her rap!  Xuan Yi pointing. as if flashing imaginary guns, off to the side, then turning to “you! you! you!” them behind Exy’s back!  Magic!

I’m going to have to discipline myself to watch these things with the sound off every once in a while: I’m so immersed in the music I just let everything else wash over me, a lilting wave-motion of gleaming smiles.  Heavenly, yes!  but there are so many precious details to savor also . . . .


  1. Before the above, I was watching this:

    I really have to do my bit of Dante’s “Inferno” before I go to bed, but tomorrow let’s watch the “Secret” from Ep 202!


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