Silvery Seohyun (plus pink wristcuffs) (Music Bank 02-03-2017)

After checking out the always-delightful WJSN performance from this broadcast, this one popped up, so why not check out darling Seohyun while we’re at it?


Good times!  Seohyun, besides being a really good singer in her own right, has such awesome hair too!  Plus, pink fur wristcuffs!

Yes, the Girl’s Day comeback has finally arrived– but why be melancholy so late at night?

And yes, I’ve already written to the White House about what to do with Speaker Ryan, so we don’t need to get into all that here, do we?

Let’s just appreciate the sexy pop music and the cute Seohyun performance, with that dazzling flash pan to the left at the end and that surprise cut to the zoom in with her looking off-camera iconically.  Classy stuff!

No, I’m not being facetious.  I rather like the word “classy” and I certainly enjoy this stage.


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