Tedious f(X) Amber whines on instagram about how her genius goes unappreciated

I shouldn’t deign to notice, but since Amber continues her suicide march to get unhitched from her contract and her devoted stans continue to apologize for her unKorean and unladylike misbehavior, I will briefly unload my sentiments.

f(X) Amber continues to beg to get released from her contract by boldly bitching on her instragram account about how SM Ent mistreats her– and shows off how her whole damn forearm is now covered in a hideous “sleeve” tattoo.


f(X) has always been a vastly overrated group.  While I can understand a certain affection some people might entertain for them (personally I dig Luna and of course Krystal is a Jung), it is high time these people wrap their heads around the fact that most of their music was derivative, sometimes literally recycled, Europop.  In the glowing world of K-pop artistry, where they had everything from T-ara to miss A to 4Minute to (naturally) classic SNSD to choose from, I cannot fathom how anyone would mistake f(X) for the elite.  And today of course they are (as a group) old as the hills, and yet all these fans whine about how f(X) doesn’t get to release enough music, even when their back catalog groans with full-length albums.  Get real.  The world has moved on.  SM Ent has Red Velvet.  They also, depending upon how you parse the merger of Woolim Ent under their umbrella, “have” Lovelyz.

But Amber presents unique irritations.  She is boasting of her Renaissance Woman talents as a songwriter, music producer, video director, and marketing guru.  For what?  “Shake That Brass”?  I’m honestly ignorant as to what she’s talking about, since she’s saying she makes all this new music on her own because SM Ent won’t give her anything to do:  this, despite the fact she had her solo debut long before Luna, Seohyun, or– do I have this right?– even Taeyeon.  Her fans circularly reason that her music wasn’t popular because SM Ent didn’t promote it properly.  My goodness.  Are you kids listening to yourselves?

Amber is a husky-throated rapper girl who has always looked odiously tomboyish, who probably is a lezzie, who was born and raised in–Canada, I think, but definitely North America,– who still admits she has problems speaking Korean, who is short and ugly, and who is now covered in hideous hipster tattoos.  I find her annoying, self-important, ridiculously overrated, and frankly repulsive.  On top of that, she’s spoiled and conceited.  Why on earth should the Korean public be infatuated with this foreign, lumpen eyesore of a has been?

By all means, let SM Ent release her from her contract so she can move to Vancouver and sit in her basement with her tape recorder and make all her important “art” that will get her nowhere.  Probably no idol in K-pop can be so readily imagined to hit rock-bottom insignificance.  I guess she could become like the Margaret Cho of post-stardom idols, with enough lezzie sportsbar groupies to keep her busy.  But how pathetic.  It’s abominable that the likes of Krystal and Kei have had to share airtime with her.  Even Sulli keeps it classier– and she let her chiawahua lick cream off her chin.


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