Rock out with GFriend “Fingertip”

I haven’t written about the GFriend comeback because at first I was really on the fence about this one: my initial thought was that “Fingertip” wasn’t necessarily anything more special than Crayon Pop’s “FM”, a song I’ve also always been ambivalent about.

But in Crayon Pop’s case the ambivalence was a sort of piteous ambivalence: the feeling that, while the song perhaps was a worthy attempt, it didn’t really get at whatever it was aiming for.  With “Fingertip” the ambivalence is better described as moving in the opposite direction: after “Rough” and “Navillera”, could this song hold up in comparison?

Well, although WJSN’s “I Wish” even now holds a near-monopoly over my mental, and realtime, listening habits, it must be admitted that “Fingertip” is pretty jammin’.  Maybe not as magical at “Navillera”, which combines utterly propulsive energy with heaven-storming euphoria, but who can deny that “Fingertip” is a potent jolt of sonic electricity in its own right?  And GFriend, as expected, have the choreo to flesh that out.  SinB is totally rocking these stages, and Umji is just butter for the eyeballs with her new hair.  Hwaiting!



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