Happy Birthday Boram!


Last year we lamented the inevitable turning of the decades for Lady Rambo, but now, let us celebrate her turning an attractive thirty-one!


It’ll come back to me which ‘era’ this photo is from, but Boram thus far has aged with a grace which leaves little to remark on in the passing of the years.  And now, Qri has joined her in the 30-something club and before year’s end Soyeon will be there too.

So as T-ara become Senior Singers, let us recall how well their classic electro sound will age with us all, and crank up Again 1977 and happily reflect– we’re still not all that old!

Glorious Boram, God bless you on your birthday, and may T-ara rock on through 2017, without in the meanwhile stopping you from securing worthy husbands!  We love you Boram!

Boram leopard print



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