“Latest Photos Show That Apink Eunji Maybe Actually Be Aging Backwards”

Oh Lord make it real! (I mean, as long as she stays mature and legal and all that!)  Koreaboo reports:

Eunji10 koreaboo

Apink‘s Eunji knows the secret to looking younger, and it’s all in her hair.

Eunji has surprised her fans by returning to her youthful front bangs hairstyle. Although she is only 23 years old, she has turned back the clock and looks 18 again.

It’s amazing how such a small change like hairstyle can have such a huge effect on someone’s appearance, but Eunji’s new style certainly gives her that youthful quality.

Eunji is preparing to make a comeback this Spring with her second solo album.


–Well, I was just listening to her debut Dream mini-album yesterday morning (for the first time in forever) and was most affected by it.  However, I’ve really had my hopes set on that supposed pair of A Pink minialbums for 2017– especially now that we have territory to recover in light of “Only One” (classic that it is) failing to secure a single trophy.

Eunji did win Inkigayo and also M! Countdown with “Hopefully Sky”, and if she can win again I will be most gratified.  But let not Eunji’s solo career prosper at the cost of A Pink fading!

Eunji8 Naeun Bomi Eunji

Eunji, flanked by Naeun and Bomi


That said, I am enormously gratified that Eunji’s years are not catching up with her.  It does rather bum me that Bomi, Naeun, and Eunji are all twenty-three– especially that in August Bomi and Eunji will turn twenty-four.

Keep in mind, when Boram went to Venice in 2012 she was barely twenty-six.  Now, in just a couple of days she’ll be thirty-one and how am I supposed to live like this?!


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