Meaningless Me: Lovelyz’ “Night and Day”

With A Pink’s Pink Revolution and Lovelyz R U Ready? there’s a curious vein of moody, rock-inflected tracks that recall somewhat the middle period of Oasis on albums like Standing On the Shoulder of Giants and Heathen Chemistry.  This griefstruck late track from the new Lovelyz album exemplifies this Britpop-esque trend and is one of the record’s highlights:


Jin’s lyrical breakdown, accompanied by soft strings, is a dramatic highlight, and Mijoo deserves special credit for that piercingly dramatic reading (nasally with woe) she gives her offhand line in the first verse.  And while Noel Gallagher obviously wasn’t needed, it amuses me to imagine his face, intent with concentration, playing on this.  But much better still, to imagine–and one day see– the eight Lovelies of Lovelyz playing this on stage.


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