Schoolgirls or Sailor Girls?: WJSN mix and match their stage outfits for the Show! Music Core “I Wish” Goodbye Stage!

The lovely ladies lasses of WJSN (minus Mei Qi, filming on location in China) make a potpourri of their previous stage outfits for this frolicsome (and still full-length!) rendention of their terrific awesome smash “I Wish”:

Main Vocal Yeonjung appears to be wearing the outfit from their Music Bank Comeback stage, but I see now that the tempting ambition to annotate all of these outfits may surpass my grasp– at least at this sitting.  Time to keep a good notebook open, watch a few performances in a row at a time, check back and see what’s what?

Sigh.  It’s hard to believe that when this magical song came out nine weeks ago that gay mutt was still technically “president” in America.  But 2017 should be a year of magic and redemption, if Donald Trump and WJSN are any indication.

–And how awesome is this stage, btw?  Those giant butterflies gleefully gliding beneath the rainbow, Show! Music Core’s iconic soft discodelic stagelight scheme: this is marvelous.  What a magical set of promotions this has been!  Musically, lyrically, choreographically, and in the music video, stage shows, and costuming, “I Wish” is across-the-board iconic, peak K-pop.






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