Lucius Somesuch delivers impromptu bitchiness over at The Unz Review

Now that I think about it, I believe I’ve read this commenter before without being especially troubled by any problems with his writing or thinking– but I could be wrong.  Nonetheless, “flipping through” one of Derbyshire’s latest essays, I found my eyeballs groaning with stupefaction over the repeated, needy, insistent comments left by one Wizard of Oz, who appears to feel that some previous scholarly exercise in what I’ll call “comparative jurisprudence” grants him especial insight into why the latest dismal Supreme Court decision isn’t even counter-intuitive, let alone dismal.

I’ll leave it to the curious reader to survey his arguments for himself.  One might forgive a commenter for typing away on their smartphone under the glare of sunlight or some such mischief, but jeez louise– this guy can yap the ears off a yenta, and all of it is delivered with the most excruciatingly precious (and misspelled!) diction, and often grammatically makes no sense at all.  He obviously thinks he has some very important, erudite, and well-honed points to deliver, but hardly anything comprehensible is delivered out of his repeated 500 word comments, all trying to explicate in the most obscure manner insights which appear to be nonexistent.

So last night I left one bitchy comment, which he has since replied to (in, it must be confessed, far from the most virulent terms but he obviously deigns to assume he is in the right and obviously full of lucid insight, so much so that he begs for some clarification as to what I take exception to at all).  I replied just now in these terms, which, since moderation might not ever see them to the light of day, I’ll paste in here:


The principal takeaway for you, Wizard, is that you are an indescribable gasbag.

I mean, I sometimes wonder if/when The Unz Community at large will intervene with Santoculto and demand he accept our generous offer of a Berlitz course, provided he take it and hone his comments into something approaching grammatical English, or else bid his fond adieus.

Yet even Santoculto, who, on top of writing a woeful English far far beneath his apparent native aptitude, also seems to play (as far as I can gather) every side of the ideological field he can take hold of, nonetheless manages–somehow!– to occasionally deliver scintillating hints of insight which somehow make his presence tolerable and even sometimes welcome. Indeed, it’s occurred to me to suspect perhaps he is yet another handle– this time a precrafted alternate persona– for our dear priss/and etc.

But you, Oz, are sure proof that STEM does not enjoy a complete monopoly on autism. How else can one even begin to unpack the groaning boxloads of verbiage, prepositional phrases toppling onto and over one another like polyamourous fat lesbians in a (is this the correct lingo?) “puppy puddle”, fat tatted-up syntax groaning and slurping away in hideous blind grammatically unnatural coitus, which you deliver–and deliver–and deliver, with the indefatigable coked-up monotony of a camwhore late for rent.

Your vaunted exercises in comparative jurisprudence prove only that there is something desperately half-baked about your brain, that your powers of takeaway are dismal, and that, on top of your sententious self-importance and stupid incomprehensibility, you are a touchy, self-righteous moralizing cow who dumbly thinks he’s adding something to the conversation by, for all intents and purposes, squealing all over the internet like a lobotomized paralegal clutching her copy of 12 Angry Men.

For heaven’s sake, man, find another emergency.

–This last referring to a previous break he took from his outpourings, pleading the onset of some (presumably and of course hopefully minor) ’emergency’.  That, I think, was for me the final straw: the very notion he couldn’t drag himself away from beating and beating the dead horse of his stillborn argument except that he must (temporarily!) excuse himself on account of an ’emergency’.  For godssake, just shut up! lolzlzlolz

[NB: since perhaps the blizzard is crashing who-knows-what, I’ve lost The Unz Review for now so I’ll try and put the link in later.]




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