WJSN’s “I Wish”: Music Bank Feb. 3, 2017

WJSN continued promoting “I Wish” right up through this past very weekend, but since I can’t find all of the latest installments (even SBS seems a bit spotty with keeping up posting all of a given group’s performances unless they’re A-listers like– long may they reign!– A Pink) I took the time out to catch up with this one from the KBS catalog:

And Dayoung improvises a kiss at 0:36 as though this already were a goodbye stage!

Anyway we’re missing Mei Qi but the rest of the China line is on hand.  Mei Qi of course is in China filming Step Up 6, which I hope is a thoroughly Chinese-run affair and not handled by any damn J*ws.

God bless WJSN, and all Korea, and– since his welfare is never far from my thoughts– our miraculous President Donald Trump, for we are in the midst of a spiritual combat to which the musical glories of K-pop and the struggle to halt immigration are alike a part.  May Korea enjoy closed borders too, except that its musical Renaissance may illume the globe with the splendor of virtue.  –Now that’s cosmic!

Update:  holy crud, did I make this happen or wasn’t the video always screenshot-ted at the very 0:36 moment I annotated?  Now that’s synchronicity!

Or, you know, the folks at KBS just thought that was really cute too . . .


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