Sujeong Wears a Glossy Leather Skirt

The girls of Lovelyz (sans injured Yein, sigh) take to the stage of Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook for “Ah Choo”, and this time around Sujeong gets to wear the tasty leather skirt and this one ain’t matte!

Ne!  How charming.  This Lovelyz comeback would be a winner on wardrobes alone: it so itches my scratch from mid-90s Kenzo I can’t even.  There’s an iconic Kenzo ad from 1995, featuring a ring of models posed, head to head, like the eye of a flower, all wearing bright-hued tight cableknit sweaters with a hint of bare midriff and A-line skirts.  The Lovelyz costumes for “Wow” promotions are very like that; and of course, as the Kenzo models were beaming radiance at the camera, just so our heroines today, as a premiere K-pop girl group, exude nothing if not the enchantment of benign warmth.

Meantime, I’ll have to get around to glossing the Lovelyz b-side stages for “Cameo”, which they took to all four of the flagship music shows over the weekend.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    I could hardly breathe after watching Sujeoung….wow….

    Now that the pro-Obama South Korean government has been overthrown, I should plan a trip in that direction…

    1. We may need you on deck to help take down the anti-Trump shadow government first!

      (that, and Sujeong and I have a spiritual affinity, but I won’t bore you with the details lozlzoz . . .)

      –Oh btw, GBFM(TM) apparently has resurfaced at heartiste!

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