“the shampoo mv invented beauty and me crying”

because of you – after school was the first gg song i ever knew (and the only bg songs i knew at the time were haru haru and mirotic), and after school just kept on doing the most for me. the shampoo mv invented beauty and me crying

–writes commenter swimgood at OneHallyu.

And while After School didn’t remain a passion for me as they apparently did for her, it’s true that After School was quite literally my very first point of contact with the world of K-pop: one of them (I don’t remember who!) was the first idol I ever saw or commented upon (albeit in a humorous and unknowing fashion), and “Shampoo” was the song and MV I first fell in love with at the dawn of 2012 when I slipped into this fervid world of magical nymphs from the icy kingdom north of Jeju Island.  So let us honor them:



[Ed.:  It’s kinda silly though when you–]  Okay Bob, compared to “Mr Chu” or “Roly Poly” or “Expectation”, yes.

It’s sentimental and a bit Eurodancey and all.  But, you know, it’s old school . . .


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