KenH on the “anti-anti-White Left”

From the comments at an Unz article from December:

“Call me a cynic, but I think the anti-anti-white rhetoric of Jacobin and other like lefty sources is calculated to stop the hemorrhaging of white moral support at least until we are a politically disenfranchised minority. It’s finally dawned on them that the implacable racial hatred of whites that has so defined the Jewish led left, especially under the reign of Hussein O, is alienating whites to the point where they are finally becoming racially conscious and adopting an “us vs. them” attitude that non-whites have traditionally had towards whites. If this trend continues it doesn’t bode well for the multiracial Marxism (e.g., races can peacefully coexist under true Marxism) that the Jacobin socialists/leftists are selling.

“Just focusing on economic Marxism while jettisoning anti-white cultural Marxism won’t really cut it either. Marxism failed in the multiethnic Soviet Union and multiethnic and multifaith Yugoslavia and each were only held together for so long and ethnic and religious passions held in check by a gun toting and truncheon wielding police and surveillance state.

“Besides, not only has economic determinism (whether liberal or conservative) failed miserably in America and everywhere but Marxists are trying to compete with an indomitable force of nature called ethnonationalism.”


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