More Stupid “Alien” Sequel Crap

If it weren’t for the occasional nightmares I have about these damned things, I’d say the xenomorph is pretty much a joke at this point.

And Ridley Scott really wants to relive the David Fincher Alien Cubed crap about the alien jigajiving off the walls of corridors?

Shitty CGI.  Alien gonna go all Mission Impossible and headbang his ass through yo windshield, homes!

And yes: I believe Alien enthusiasts will remember the “chasing aliens through the wheatfields” idea from an old pre-Alien 3 scenario (a space station/The Name of the Rose type gambit, some of which did filter itself into the penal colony theatrics of Alien Cubed).

I’d be writing about the crypto-State of the Union but I’ve had an off-kilter couple of weeks here.  These new Alien trailers are just a petty reminder trickling in about how far the culture is yet–so far– from catching up to the spirit of the Trumpenreich.

Ridley Scott should’ve quit making movies.  The brilliant ensemble acting of the original Alien notwithstanding, Ridley is one of those directors who “knows everything about camera lenses, camera angles, camera sprockets, but diddly about the human condition.”

And actually, it looks like he’s lost a lot of the lenses and angles finesse, at least since he sold his soul to digitized filmmaking.  I guess that forest looks impressive-y, in a Lars Von Trier Antichrist sort of way, but shame he has to get on with his shitty plot.

Besides, it’s not like all these Icelandic-y locations have been a mainstay in his filmography.  Oh, and those very un-Icelandic mystery meat couplings: disgusting!


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