Warren Beatty’s Oscar Night

For those who will only know Warren Beatty from the gooffest inflicted upon him by Hollywood’s risible collective decision to go Full Down-low Retard last night, let us honor the man with a look at his genuinely excellent acceptance speech as Best Director for Reds:

Beatty is a fire-breathing leftist, yes; but against the calumnies of many who have described him as an “idiot” and a mere actor who only knows how to repeat what other people tell him to do, let us give him credit:  Beatty was (and I think in good measure even still is) a mentally spry and multi-talented man.  I do have a certain place in my heart for him, if only based upon my adolescent tastes for movies of his kind, but back on Oscar Night in 1982 he was in damn fine form giving his acceptance speech.

Granted, the Jack and Walter’s intro was terrifically written and delivered too.  Makes you think about how much many things in America have declined over the years.  Those were the Reagan 80s– now, with Donald Trump, a truthteller with a touch of Bullworth about him (the good bits!) perhaps it is time for Hollywood to follow the nation instead of trying to thumb its nose at it.  Perhaps Hollywood’s Chinese overlords will class up the place a bit?  Or even better: why the hell shouldn’t indigenous American film talent, of the sort like Coppola and Cimino and Beatty himself once represented, run the studios?


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