Self-righteous Hollywood Jews just gave “Best Picture” to a Black Gay piece of crap movie just so they could say “F**k you” to our glorious, growing-more-White America

Please, my dear Hollywood Jews– fuck you too!

American movies, including the supposedly “good” ones, have been in terminal decline for over a decade.  But this Hollywood pro-Blacks-all-the-time schtick is just ridiculous.  Moonlight only grossed $25 million– nothing.  Nobody likes or cares about it.  It was bad enough when they tried to gin up Hurt Locker into some sort of masterpiece, but this would be like giving an Oscar to “Go Fish” or something like that.

I mean, I’m sure I’d hate La la Land if somebody tried to make me see it, but c’mon!  They already gave both Supporting Oscars to blacks (which puts them at this point punching well above their actual percentage of the population in terms of acting wins for over a generation now).  This award hurts Hollywood’s bottom line.  The blacks won’t even want it because it’s gay.  And the Trump Presidency rolls on.

Look Jews, we know how full of hatred you are.  And you’re stupid, petty, irrational, and tasteless.  So fuck you right back at you.  My god, you people are so weak.

–And I just wrote this without seeing how utterly insane what actually went down on broadcast looked like!  OMG you pigs embarrassed Warren Beatty.  Double fuck you!

One comment

  1. “I’d like to thank my blue-eyed partner” . . . ?

    I can’t discredit the possibility this whole thing was STAGED, as an even bigger “fuck you” (and viral propaganda ploy).

    If so, I can only reiterate: Ill*m*n*ti (i.e. pedophile Satanist) Jews are so fucking stupid, they can’t live.

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