The Effervescence of Love: Spring Comes to A Pink’s “Only One”

It was October, a while back now (!), but Music Bank gave A Pink a stage festooned with images of spring and birdtime, and in this radiance the beauty of their song bloomed:


As our chic and loving nymphs danced in white lace and black boots!

And now, in a more settled and hopeful season, I can look back and wish I’d had this song copied to disc so I could blast it as I drove home over the mountains in the wake of President Trump’s glorious Election victory.

Yet before the Trump Administration, there was the glorious institution of A Pink.  And though in eight years time it is likely enough A Pink won’t be together as a group, for now and for some blessed years yet to be, these two great forces of good will coexist and thrive–may God bless and save us!– in our humble and happy little world.


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