F**k you some more, Ridley Scott! Oh, I’m not just “triggered” by the gay couple on a colonization mission: I’m triggered by all the ugly ass f**king mystery meats!

Looks like Ridley Scott’s shitty new Alien prequel is the ludicrous last gasp of multicultural porn:


God, what a bunch of ugly ass mystery meats.  They couldn’t even try and cast the supposed “hot” version of same?  What gross-ass miscegenation monkeys.  But then, all the White people look like a bunch of degenerate goofs too.  And my god, the shitty writing, the shitty acting, the shitty editing, the shitty direction.  What a godawful contrast to the precision, economy, and glorious moodiness of the original Alien, in which all the human actors (black Jew Yaphet Kotto very much included, you anti-racisses!) were so exceptional.

Good thing all this new crew will die horribly (albeit in horribly executed executions)!

And in the Trumpenreich, may all this shit soon become extremely passé.  Beautiful all-White casting, make a return!


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