Yesterday on Inkigayo: WJSN’s “I Wish”

I think the week before, WJSN presented a slightly truncated “I Wish” on some channel or other, but this fresh Inkigayo stage is once again in full:

–with delightfully cute Crayola-hued lights in the discodelia tradition of Show! Music Core, along with lovely Rococo Easter outfits in lemon.  Can we get enough of this song and its choreo?  NO!

In other news, T-ara’s Qri just singled out WJSN in an interview (well, along with one other rookie group but I forget who) as up-and-comers she thinks are especially talented.  How true!


One comment

  1. –guilty afternote: I failed to note that Mei Qi is still absent. I had watched another performance the other day where the ‘China line’ was absent (filming in China) but since I immediately saw that Xuan Yi and Cheng Xiao were on hand it didn’t occur to me to question that Mei Qi was NOT. SO sorry, sweetie! Mei Qi hwaiting!

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