Robert Weissberg: Millions of Americans’ Brains Have Been Marinated in Misguided Multiculturalism

From his latest essay at The Unz Review (internal links are Weissberg’s):

What can possibly explain today’s insanity? To be sure, a few may be paid agitators and a handful of others are chronic virtue signalers addicted to protesting “injustice.” But let me offer a better explanation: the misguided crusade is the result of millions of American over many decades having their brains marinated in a multi-culturalism celebrating varied skin colors, disabilities, various ethnic holidays, distinctive cuisines, Tower of Babel collections of languages and, most recently, an ever-expanding list of sexual identities. Such textbooks, often with racial and cultural injustice slants, number in the hundreds and few youngsters can escape these feel-good fantasies (the indoctrination is often called “teaching tolerance”). It is thus no accident when today’s campus protestors are asked what they want, most respond with “more diversity.” Simply put, we have collectively deluded ourselves in believing that if diversity is our strength, the greater the diversity, the greater our strength. Recall Mae West’s quip: too much of a good thing is great and this seems to apply to our infatuation for promoting differences.

Further add our recent aversion to making distinctions about the abilities and behavior of people as if the very idea of “privileging” some traits over others is hateful intolerance. With those having marinated brains, everything is just “different” not better or worse so ranking commits the heinous sin of being judgmental. It thus follows that since all people are fundamentally interchangeable, equally smart and talented, America should be open to all newcomers whether these fresh arrivals are low-IQ Syrians goat herders or East Asians molecular biologists. All will make America a wonderful mosaic of people from everywhere on the planet. It is thus inconceivable that President Trump would Tweet “Yes, America needs more immigrants but let’s bring in smart, industrious law-abiding Chinese who will boost our GDP,” though I suspect that most Americans would privately agree with the Donald.

Read the whole thing:

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