WJSN mix up their outfits a little


Another fun performance, with MNet thankfully not screwing up the picture or audio since they often lapse into a kind of fake hi-def that’s just low-def.

I have no idea what the intro stuff with 8NSD Seohyun is about, but since she’s in my good graces thanks to “Don’t Say No” I’ll accept that with gratitude.  Better still, we get to see WJSN clowning around prettily and gracefully before they take the stage!

This clip also has a few interesting cuts during the performance, so we get to see a few flashes of individual members during parts of the choreo we don’t expect to see in most other broadcasts.


One comment

  1. Okay, I failed to get the video to start at 1:26 where I wanted to, because I had arbitrarily paused at that mark and found it an extraordinarily well-composed shot of Yeoreum, Bona, and Dayoung with a just perfectly cute expression on Yeoreum’s face and also a very flattering one on Dayoung as well (goddess Bona is a bit overexposed in the light, but that’s okay).

    teeheehee Yeoreum is such a cutie! Oh I want to keeskeeskeeskees kees!!!

    –Even as I’m ready to throw daggers at any 9th Circuit Court Injustice I could get my hands on. Unleash the dogs of civil war!

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