Christmas in Atlantis: Laboum’s “Winter Story” on Music Bank

Another gorgeous stage for Laboum, with the soap bubbles machine set to 11 and the whole glittering blue panoply of stage lights making this performance as luminous as April’s paradigmatic Comeback Stage for “Tinkerbell”.

And have Laboum ever looked more gorgeous?  The costumes and hair (Soyeon’s Frozen hair extensions included) are flawless.  As each member twirls before the camera, I’m at a loss to say who is more of a Visual here.

I’m ashamed to say, I don’t think I’ve ever watched this one before.  Yes, there were terrific stages on Inkigayo and Arirang too, but watching this one makes clear that, for all Laboum’s great stage energy in other promotions, this song is their “Windy Day” in terms of sheer theatrical splendor on stage.  The aesthetics are godlike.


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