High Notes: A Pink’s “Only One” on Music Bank, 20161014

Eunji and Bomi, Eunji and Namjoo clearly enjoying themselves with their high notes in this silken performance of the still underrated “Only One”:

I don’t think I’ve really commented on how this was A Pink’s midriff era.  It’s a far cry from “Hush”, where some members conspicuously weren’t wearing the belly shirts others were.

Chorong and Naeun and Hayoung all look very pretty in this:  Chorongie in her silken pink top, and Naeun mysterious in black.  Those white shorts on Hayoung and Namjoo make them look like A.de’s Rachel, statuesque dancer chicks.

As for the backscreens, the falling leaves of course evoke classic A Pink imagery from “Secret Garden” to the Pink Luv album art.  I have a particular desire, come earliest spring, to drive around in the country on a lightly misty or drizzly day, playing this and all the Pink Revolution album.  –And if, by then, President Trump has brought the unlawful judiciary to heel too, then my sweet melancholy will be all the sweeter still!



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