I Can’t Believe I’m Even Writing This, But: “That’s it, Brady is the greatest player of all time.”

–says commenter Pyrrhus, at comment no. 313, in Vox Popoli’s Superbowl thread.

At halftime, Vox Day had written:

 21-3, Atlanta. The silver lining is that if Tom Brady leads an all-time Super Bowl comeback, he’ll ice his reputation as the Greatest of All Time. But it is looking increasingly likely as if Joe Montana will retain that status.

–And yet, astonishingly, Brady did it.  And after a comeback like that it looks to be that Brady will finally, definitively, own it.

Mind you, I didn’t watch a second of the game.  In fact, I was just binging on 2016 A Pink before I got on here to check the news before I make some coffee.  So please, don’t fear I’ve become some sort of nogball fan.

But I always kinda dug the Patriots, and I love a good comeback story, so there it is.  The Patriots made a huge comeback, and Tom Brady has gone from Hector to Achilles.  So congratulations on that.  Y–you earned it, man.



One comment

  1. –for clarity’s sake, I’ve always leaned in favor of the view that Brady IS the greatest– it’s just that, this late in the day (and esp. after that halftime score) it seemed unlikely that something would happen to give such radical clarity to that notion.

    But today, I think everyone agrees that we have that. Vox Day and Steve Sailer certainly think so. Brady now owns an epic capstone to his career that will be an immediate point of reference in the history of the game.

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