The linguistics of the word “bigot”

“Linguists” are just as ludicrous in their academic dogma that the sounds of words carry no innate burden of connotation as economists are in their dedication to Free Trade.  A mpc commenter, Babadook, lays out the case for why Antifa libtards love the word “bigot”:

I’ve brought this up during many trollings and discussions with/about shitlibs. Why that one word. There are plenty of words that they could use, but why has ‘bigot’ become the mainstay?

My theory is twofold. First, they assume its just a catchall word for racist/sexist/xenophobic/homophobic/ect., but also because its a satisfying word to say, akin to good swear words. Its got the fun G sound in the word (like ‘nigger’), and it also ends on a hard T at the end, harder and stronger than the T at the end of “-ist”. You can spit it with more vitriol. It has the added feeling of feeling more like a noun than “racist” does. “Racist” can be a noun or adjective; that ambiguity and its overuse the last 8 years have left it feeling like an air mattress that’s been used for years and just won’t support you anymore.

BIGOT is solidly noun (ironically, calling someones thoughts or actions “bigoted” seems to carry with it a lessened feeling of intentional malice and more an accidental oopsie like when grandma calls someone colored), and just aggressive. BIGOT!

It’ll run its course and become a meaningless word in time, which is sad because as you say, its a valid word with actual application possibilities, even outside of social commentary.


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