Bullshit Federal Judges Gonna Bullshit

It’s really time for the elected government to just say no.

No shellgame with appeals, just declare they have no jurisdiction and they can go screw themselves.

In fact, impeach them already.

I don’t think any more “nuance” is required here.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Washington State’s Attorney-General Bob Ferguson who filed this lawsuit is a major-league asshole. He’s the same guy who started suing bakeries for not catering homo weddings, and then sued pharmacies for not carrying abortion-drugs. He’s a Seattle civil-rights attorney who lives in a gated community (you know, THAT type). Also a huge gun-control supporter.

    1. Well hello old friend!

      I just fired off another email of support to the President. I suspect that, based on past performance, he already has a long game plan for this whole scenario– one hopefully that results in far more restrictive measures than the ones he initially inked.

      A commenter at isteve called “Prof. Woland” left an insightful comment about this, describing the pro-open borders crowd as having a ‘NATO like strategy, an attack on one is an attack on all” which will result in their public support dwindling away as, in revulsion to Muslim antics, people become more extreme in their pro-restriction sentiments, leaving the pro-immigration crowd an “apple core” of their old selves.

      The “antifa” violence and the Judeo-activists (David Brooks has joined in the Russophobe Jewish racism schenanigans against Trump and White Christian America) make these days angry and disturbing ones, yet Trump is pushing on all his promises, we have apparently a very conservative first pick for the Supreme Court, plus if that bitch RBG finally croaks we can put in another.

      Plus, there’s still Pizzagate, and if that all comes out so many heads will roll it will be truly revolutionary.

      God bless Trump, and all men of goodwill!

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