So Girl’s Day Still Exists–kinda

Girl’s Day, a group so big they almost owned 2014, were it not that A Pink closed out the year with the biggest hit of all time, “Luv”, wound up flopping so hard with summer 2015’s “Ring My Bell” that they haven’t been heard from (so far) since.

They did release a Japanese album that fall, but apparently 2016 passed without a single release.  Kinda makes me a bit teary eyed.

I mean, they were a pretty elite girl group, and really on top of the world.

Can they ever make it back?  Can they reclaim at least a respectable modicum of their old popularity, maybe start putting out records in a timely fashion again.  Could they even, after all, score another megahit?

Well, here they are back in October.  The commenters were talking as if a comeback was due right that minute, but as we can see no such comeback materialized.  Another bad sign!  Is it their company that’s in paralysis?  What the devil ever happened?

Yes, that silly little “scandal”– but that was nothing, literally just hairflipping.  If “Ring My Bell” hadn’t been awful, it probably would’ve gone away on the instant.  At least it’s not as bad as the AOA stuff (not knowing history!) but they seem to have been relatively forgiven?

Or have they?  Was their latest single a big hit?  As you can see, I’ve kinda forgotten the name of it . . .  Whoops.  Seems like the magic days of “Like a Cat” are indeed behind us.  The world is changing!  But at least with President Trump there will be peace, White people in America and Europe, and in Asia no TPP to enslave the great Yellow Nations.

Anyway, “Ring My Bell” is the only real rival to Red Velvet’s new “Rookie” as a headbangingly awful single from an elite K-pop girl group.  I’m not sure which is worse.  “Ring My Bell” has the voice of a negroid on it, which is an abomination, but musically they’re both so awful, I dunno.  I hope Red Velvet isn’t struck down like Girl’s Day appears to have been.  And wouldn’t it be magical if A Pink and Girl’s Day together, in 2017, could each have two awesomely successful comebacks just like they did in 2014?  Yes, Sojin is going to be 31 soon, but so will Boram.  And the rest of the members are rather younger.  And they’re still hot.  Is it too late to watch these two great groups fight over the throne (with A Pink winning!)?


One comment

  1. And just like that . . . 4 hours ago allkpop reports Hyeri reports she’s losing weight because “I think you know why” even if she doesn’t explain.

    Okay Girl’s Day, you’re allowed to have a hit, but only if the next A Pink single is bigger!

    Also: AOA just won M! Countdown, so I guess AOA is still a big deal.

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