Oh My Girl’s “Playground”: A Fancam of JinE, Binnie, and Seunghee

This footage cuts in and out abruptly, and aside from a brief exciting appearance of Arin near the end it is exclusively focused on the trio above.  But I loved watching it.

Binnie is looking very “chic” in that black ensemble with the trendy suspenders; with her bobbed hair, it really makes her look like some proto-goth hipster heroine in a romantic film (shades of Thora Birch in Ghost World?).

Seunghee, meanwhile, is looking unexpectedly “fierce” in her (not too) shorts and pigtails.  Usually she’s cute bordering on Asian maternal, with her round babyish face, but here she kinda gives off a sexy brat vibe.

And JinE– please God, bring JinE back to us!– just looks so mysterious and beautiful.  She too is giving off a bit of that fashion model vibe here, but it just makes me long to console her and delve affectionately into the secret world of her mind.

Anyway, the whole reason I came to this at all is that “Playground” has become one of my jams very recently– back in autumn 2015 the Closer album was on my to-do list, but somehow I never got around to getting it, and when I finally did last summer I was so obsessed with the Pink Ocean/Windy Day hits I didn’t give it more than a cursory listen, alas!

But it is wonderful, and if JinE can be restored to us then I know Oh My Girl will have another great year and could even become a wildcard successor to the mantle of Nation’s Girl Group that must be slipping from 8NSD’s experienced shoulders.


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