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Warren Beatty’s Oscar Night

For those who will only know Warren Beatty from the gooffest inflicted upon him by Hollywood’s risible collective decision to go Full Down-low Retard last night, let us honor the man with a look at his genuinely excellent acceptance speech as Best Director for Reds: Beatty is a fire-breathing leftist, yes; but against the calumnies […]

Self-righteous Hollywood Jews just gave “Best Picture” to a Black Gay piece of crap movie just so they could say “F**k you” to our glorious, growing-more-White America

Please, my dear Hollywood Jews– fuck you too! American movies, including the supposedly “good” ones, have been in terminal decline for over a decade.  But this Hollywood pro-Blacks-all-the-time schtick is just ridiculous.  Moonlight only grossed $25 million– nothing.  Nobody likes or cares about it.  It was bad enough when they tried to gin up Hurt […]

The Effervescence of Love: Spring Comes to A Pink’s “Only One”

It was October, a while back now (!), but Music Bank gave A Pink a stage festooned with images of spring and birdtime, and in this radiance the beauty of their song bloomed:   As our chic and loving nymphs danced in white lace and black boots! And now, in a more settled and hopeful season, […]

The Lovelyz Challenge: Lovelyz’ “Wow” MV Review

With Yein’s unhappy ankle injuries meaning she may not be able to join this cycle of promotions, Lovelyz’ latest single comes to us adumbrated with yet another potentially career-hobbling misfortune for the group. But hopefully Lovelyz will continue to build their popularity, with an ambitious new album that adds venerated K-pop producers Sweetune to their […]

If they didn’t want 4Minute, then why kill off 4Minute and turn CLC into 4Minute in its place?

A question for Cube or Plan A or whichever they’re under nowadays.

Ladies’ Code’s Sojung and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee cover A Pink’s “No No No”

–amongst other items.

F**k you some more, Ridley Scott! Oh, I’m not just “triggered” by the gay couple on a colonization mission: I’m triggered by all the ugly ass f**king mystery meats!

Looks like Ridley Scott’s shitty new Alien prequel is the ludicrous last gasp of multicultural porn:   God, what a bunch of ugly ass mystery meats.  They couldn’t even try and cast the supposed “hot” version of same?  What gross-ass miscegenation monkeys.  But then, all the White people look like a bunch of degenerate goofs […]

Leather Lace

On a different note, this AOA Show Champion “Like a Cat” stage is visually arresting too: Sigh.  If it weren’t for President Trump, I’d be quite pining away for a time machine . . .  

Ear Nose Throat

On the hope that “this too shall pass”, let it here be noted that this past week has been the one Where I Thought My Throat Was Going To Kill Me–esp. after Saturday, when that side swelling transformed into a full frontal swelling that felt like I was going to choke myself.  Symptoms linger, but […]

WJSN Today on Show! Music Core (plus a Frozen April)

  Sans Mei Qi, still filming, but otherwise a song in full.  Does the fun ever stop with this song?  Instant classic choreo, effulgent schoolgirl outfits, disco aegyo radiance: sublime! April went with a full-on Frozen theme this time, but the song is too truncated to deliver a totally satisfying performance.  Still, “April Story” is, […]

” Over one thousand pedophiles have been arrested around the world since November, and you can be certain that most of them are singing like canaries.”

–writes Vox Day, annotating an interview at zerohedge with a DHS insider. The DHS informant says: FBI anon did a “bank shot”. That’s a pool hall term we use. Ask Bob about it. FBI Anon rattled their cages as other DHS and local authorities rounded up all sorts of street-level human traffickers. The big arrests […]

I’m too exhausted to stay up for it, but WJSN and April will still appear on Show! Music Core tonight

What handsomely long promotions! April will be on the Soundholic stage, while WJSN will be Hot! I watched last week’s performance before, but did I post it? This was the minus-China-line broadcast (so sad!) but still cute and with a pleasing brown stage scheme. Meanwhile, I’ve been mellowing with a Sofia Smallstorm interview.  May the […]

“Tasty Hate”: Ramzpaul salutes milk and pork

We White folks definitely need to start eating more pork:  no muzzies, it ain’t going away.  But you are– away from our hallowed European lands. And milk really is a food of the gods.  I told my mom a few days ago, “I eat milk”, which she thought was weird, but then the next day […]

Yerin Plays Anchor, Introduces Laboum

World’s Most Cutest Yerin (and some dude) sets us up for a few minutes of following Laboum antics:

Happy Birthday Yujeong!

Laboum’s leader turns twenty-five! And doubtless will enjoy another year shepherding her group to ever greater success.  “Fresh Adventure” indeed!   We add that Yujeong has great waifu qualities!  Frolicsome and fresh Yujeong, happy birthday!  God is with Laboum!  Hwaiting!

Yesterday on Inkigayo: WJSN’s “I Wish”

I think the week before, WJSN presented a slightly truncated “I Wish” on some channel or other, but this fresh Inkigayo stage is once again in full: –with delightfully cute Crayola-hued lights in the discodelia tradition of Show! Music Core, along with lovely Rococo Easter outfits in lemon.  Can we get enough of this song […]

I forgot Naeun’s Birthday

I feel really bad about this.  I honored Seulgi and Sooyoung but forgot Naeun, the indispensable one. Really, Seulgi is like the least important member of Red Velvet to me.  I hadn’t honored her before, that I recall, so I thought it’d be a nice gesture.  And then I kept thinking ‘but it’s another idol’s […]

Happy Birthday Sooyoung!

In what is a sort of SM Ent “birthdaygasm”, in addition to Red Velvet Seulgi’s birthday,  former SNSD and now 8NSD goddess Sooyoung turns 27! Happy birthday, goddess Sooyoung!

Happy Birthday Seulgi!

Red Velvet’s Seulgi turns 23!   Red Velvet is winning trophies for their current song, but of course this listener hopes they will have another classic like “One of these nights” or “Dumb Dumb” in the not so distant future. Anyway, we wish this fashionable minx a happy day of celebration.  Happy birthday Seulgi!

An enigmatic smile from Hayoung

It mellows and sorts itself into a melancholy frown, but the entire range of motion and emotion is wonderful to behold.  Starting around 0:41, Hayoung’s mouth goes from ingenuous repose and candor, builds into a fetching, beaming brief smile, and then subsides into the sad emotion of “Secret”.  It’s beautiful to behold: And Eunji’s face, […]

Robert Weissberg: Millions of Americans’ Brains Have Been Marinated in Misguided Multiculturalism

From his latest essay at The Unz Review (internal links are Weissberg’s): What can possibly explain today’s insanity? To be sure, a few may be paid agitators and a handful of others are chronic virtue signalers addicted to protesting “injustice.” But let me offer a better explanation: the misguided crusade is the result of millions […]

WJSN mix up their outfits a little

  Another fun performance, with MNet thankfully not screwing up the picture or audio since they often lapse into a kind of fake hi-def that’s just low-def. I have no idea what the intro stuff with 8NSD Seohyun is about, but since she’s in my good graces thanks to “Don’t Say No” I’ll accept that […]

Christmas in Atlantis: Laboum’s “Winter Story” on Music Bank

Another gorgeous stage for Laboum, with the soap bubbles machine set to 11 and the whole glittering blue panoply of stage lights making this performance as luminous as April’s paradigmatic Comeback Stage for “Tinkerbell”. And have Laboum ever looked more gorgeous?  The costumes and hair (Soyeon’s Frozen hair extensions included) are flawless.  As each member […]

Joy and Yeri (and some dude from Infinite) Watching A Pink’s “Remember”

Waifu Joy and Yeri being cute, to the divine music of A Pink!

Southeast Asian Teenyboppers

I don’t know how I managed to pick up a handful of readers somewhere over the years from Iran and China, but they’ve clicked here.  My top ten nations of readership origin however are: USA Great Britain Indonesia Germany Canada Malaysia France Philippines Vietnam Thailand –with Australia and Singapore rounding out the top twelve.  I’ll […]

After all these years, T-aragate is in the news once more

Twins former T-ara Hwayoung and former 5Dolls Hyoyoung did a broadcast interview which provoked a lengthy tell-all response from a former CCM staffer on the real story behind T-ara’s infamous 2012 “bullying” scandal. Though most of the outline of the story is stuff we’ve heard before, the bombshell new detail, with screenshot evidence, is that […]

High Notes: A Pink’s “Only One” on Music Bank, 20161014

Eunji and Bomi, Eunji and Namjoo clearly enjoying themselves with their high notes in this silken performance of the still underrated “Only One”: I don’t think I’ve really commented on how this was A Pink’s midriff era.  It’s a far cry from “Hush”, where some members conspicuously weren’t wearing the belly shirts others were. Chorong […]

“I’m thinking coffee, whisky, and a cigar for breakfast are probably healthier than a bowl of Honey Oat Cheerios with skim milk.”

–writes Mangan on twitter. I’ve been trying to explain this to a household that has Honey Oat Cheerios with skim milk for breakfast, but they won’t listen. Their doctor with his FedGov dietary guidelines says . . . . face/palm

“He who saves a nation, violates no law.”

–Napoleon, at least as quoted in Sergei Bondarchuk’s film Waterloo.

“Clearly the Russians hacked the Superbowl: all the polls at halftime showed Atlanta winning!”

–writes Stilicho (sarcastically, natch) at Vox Day’s: Lolzolzozolzolz

And now, Neil Gorsuch

I Can’t Believe I’m Even Writing This, But: “That’s it, Brady is the greatest player of all time.”

–says commenter Pyrrhus, at comment no. 313, in Vox Popoli’s Superbowl thread. At halftime, Vox Day had written:  21-3, Atlanta. The silver lining is that if Tom Brady leads an all-time Super Bowl comeback, he’ll ice his reputation as the Greatest of All Time. But it is looking increasingly likely as if Joe Montana will […]

Lovelyz At the Mall

The girls of glory:   In the comments some nincompoop writes: do you agree if Lovelyz comeback with Adult ideas? —No. Twit, what is more grown-up than the idea of Destiny?  Sigh, fools always trying to change what already is perfect.

The linguistics of the word “bigot”

“Linguists” are just as ludicrous in their academic dogma that the sounds of words carry no innate burden of connotation as economists are in their dedication to Free Trade.  A mpc commenter, Babadook, lays out the case for why Antifa libtards love the word “bigot”: I’ve brought this up during many trollings and discussions with/about […]

Bullshit Federal Judges Gonna Bullshit

It’s really time for the elected government to just say no. No shellgame with appeals, just declare they have no jurisdiction and they can go screw themselves. In fact, impeach them already. I don’t think any more “nuance” is required here.

“Everybody is arguing whether or not it is a BAN. Call it what you want, it is about keeping bad people (with bad intentions) out of country!”

–says President Trump on twitter. So call it what you want, you haters of White people.  It’s our nation now.

The Xuan Yi Show: “I Wish” on M! Countdown on Xuan Yi’s Birthday!

A very Xuan Yi-centric broadcast of “I Wish” from her birthday, with Sunshine Xuan Yi horsing around at peak moments. 0:48 getting funky with improvised choreo, playing to the camera cutely 0:59ff  adds to her slow-mo part of the skipping around Bona dance by blowing her imaginary gun 2:00 improvises a fight with Exy Commenter […]

Orange Crush: “April Story” on M! Countdown

  This is a very odd but effective stage.  All the orange/yellow lighting and the weird, at times 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque scraggly lightning on the background screens would come off, you’d think, as all wrong, but it conveys a curious sense of excitement and urgency, even mystical intensity, to the performance.  The opening overhead shot […]

So Girl’s Day Still Exists–kinda

Girl’s Day, a group so big they almost owned 2014, were it not that A Pink closed out the year with the biggest hit of all time, “Luv”, wound up flopping so hard with summer 2015’s “Ring My Bell” that they haven’t been heard from (so far) since. They did release a Japanese album that […]

Oh My Girl’s “Playground”: A Fancam of JinE, Binnie, and Seunghee

This footage cuts in and out abruptly, and aside from a brief exciting appearance of Arin near the end it is exclusively focused on the trio above.  But I loved watching it. Binnie is looking very “chic” in that black ensemble with the trendy suspenders; with her bobbed hair, it really makes her look like […]