Rainbow’s “Pretend” (on the radio)

[Ed. note: I just found this in my drafts drawer from five months ago.  I’m not sure what thought I was about to finish before I didn’t finish it, but since the videos are here I’ll just go and publish it now anyway!  I happened of my own accord to watch this “Pretend” performance on youtube again just the other day, along with the “Whoo” from the same MBC studios and some of those KBS radio show performances of this and that, including 4minute’s “Crazy”, so I might have returned to their “Whoo” below too.  Anyway, now this will be out there for posterity to enjoy . . . ]

I don’t know if I even saw this when it came out– but it’s a shame if I didn’t.  Returning to the scene almost exactly a year after the resplendent Innocent album, Rainbow here perform Prism’s gorgeous ballad “Pretend” (or, if you prefer, “The Words ‘I Miss You'”– and I’ve seen a snippet performance from an MBC broadcast presented under a third title).

The vocal line is huddled together with their backs to the office courtyard within, while fans throng outside in the February charm behind Noeul, Yoonhye, and Woori.

Jisook and Seungah have a couple of funny/weird moments, the first at 1:50 and then again after Jisook’s dramatics over her high note– Jisook starts acting like she has something else to do,  or


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