An Open Letter to Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger

After watching the latest broadcast of the PBS Newshour, I’ve been stewing in some fury to see Illinois Republican Cong. Adam Kinzinger telling the cameras that– can you believe this– we still need so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” and “a path to legalization.”  Some people, it seems, never learn.  So I’ve actually sat down with a legal pad and written out, by hand, a letter for the Congressman.  Debating the pros and cons of mailing it to him personally, versus posting it here publicly, I’ve decided that, since he’s not my Congressman after all, perhaps it might be, in the eyes of his office, too “weird” to take seriously– and, on the other hand, here in public view, perhaps a few worthy souls will take note of it and take to heart the gist of my admonishment to Representative Kinzinger.  The way this guy is talking right now, he’s ripe for a Cantoring.  Below, I faithfully report the full text of my handwritten letter (and note, by my standards I was trying to be “nice” and “mainstream”!):

Dear Congressman,

Over the past few nights I have indulged in an odd pleasure I have not attempted now for many years– watching an evening news broadcast– the PBS Newshour, no less.

With the advent of Pres. Trump, for the first time in my adult life I have a President I can believe in, whom I can cheer for.  After the mendacious Bill Clinton, the feckless George W. Bush, and the deplorable Obama, we have an energetic leader fearless to promote the national interest, provident not to cast away our fortunes on further experiments in “globalism.”

Imagine then my surprise and horror to see that the good mandarins of public television could find at least one disconsolate GOP member who doesn’t appreciate the unfamiliar taste of winning–you.

Now, I appreciate your candor in acknowledging 15 million illegal alien infiltrators as opposed to the polite fiction of eleven–I suspect 30,000,000 is a more honest number than either– but I am not writing to pat you on the head.  No– what year do you think we’re still living in?  2006?  1986?  1,000,000 BC?  What is this crud about “comprehensive immigration reform”?  Or  what is this Holocaust-denier spiel about how “we can’t just round up millions of people”?  Oh yes we can!  And we’re starting with the 100,000s of most egregious offenders.  But happily, most of these illegal interlopers will repatriate themselves to their beloved ethnostates of origin, because we are building the Wall, debarring them from employment, cutting off their welfare, and asserting the rights of heritage Americans.   This is NOT Jose McCain’s GOP any longer.  The CofC schmucks too lazy to mow their own lawns, or too cheap to pay Billy, Biff, or Scooter to do so, no longer hold the whip hand.  And callow Ayn Randism a la Speaker Ryan is out.

And the peons are hauling their ninos with them– unless these sterling characters prefer them to starve in a ditch.  This nation was not founded, nor did its sons get their balls blown off on Normandy’s beaches, to become a trillion dollar daycare for mestizo America.  Think I underplay my sentimentality?  40,000,000 legal abortions tell me otherwise about America.*  Regardless, you are not entitled to play Good Samaritan with the people’s money, and for my part I’d rather starve in that ditch myself rather than “grow the economy” (bwahahaha) at the price of reggaeton blasting at 2am.

In short, Congressman:  despite your upstanding personal character and service, I strongly advise you to disabuse yourself of these sentimental kitsch notions about a “path to legalization”.  I absolutely condemn border-crossers: each and every one personally.  By that act alone they have forfeited, not only any claim to “legalization”, but a good measure of their so-called “human rights”.  Our nation is entitled to handle them roughly, as needed, in order to extirpate this costly, unassimilable, sub-intelligent, indigent, and uninvited menace.

The CEOs of Ford and GM already have paraded for the cameras their newfound pleasure at building (and hiring!) American.  Race to the bottom globalization is dead.  So what the devil are you thinking, piping this cant about “””comprehensive immuhgwashun wefaum” as if you were a sockpuppet for that methed-up paederast Lindsey Graham?  Combat record or no combat record– grow some balls, stand up for a culturally-dominant white America, and flush yourself clean of your kindergarten Riccardo dogma– or find a lot of checks coming in for any good patriot who volunteers to Cantor your fool self in the next election.

Yours in Pres. Trump,

[Lucius Somesuch]

*My point, of course, was that if we’ve aborted 40,000,000 babies who belonged to the posterity of America (at least, more so than fresh mestizo invaders), why should the American people be held accountable to house, feed, and “educate” the spawn of illegal invaders?  But that came out awkwardly, and admittedly the thought of retracing the entire letter by hand is an additional factor in favor of simply transcribing it here.




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